That’s Right Combat Sports Lovers! The World as we know it, will “OPEN” up all their International Borders for “Fully” vaccinated fighters and travelers Worldwide, that is, as long as they can provide Government Documents to “Prove” that they have had ALL their Covid Vaccinations. This is much welcomed News for our WKF World Head Office in Perth Australia. Since the Coronavirus Pandemic outbreak back in late 2019 around the World, it has affected the World drastically, splitting families apart, businesses “Closing Down”, allot of people lost their lives from contracting the Covid Virus which first started in Wuhan, China.

The “Positive News” around the World is, once Countries are above 80% fully vaccinated, they will “Open” their Borders to International Visitors. Yes, there are “Still” a few Countries out there “Not” rolling out the Covid Vaccines fast enough. There are four countries in the World which have not yet started vaccinating against Covid-19: Eritrea, Burundi, Tanzania and North Korea. Others have barely begun: Haiti only got its first shipment of doses last week. SEE IMAGE:

Many other nations are yet to reach even two per cent of their populations, including Nigeria – the most populous nation in Africa – as well as Madagascar, Sierra Leone, Burkina Faso and Uganda. That contrasts with countries like the UK and Israel, both of which have reached the majority of their adult populations. 

What this means in the face of the highly transmissible delta variant is a pandemic which is out of control in many unvaccinated countries, causing mass human suffering and many deaths. Earlier this week the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) called it a “pandemic of the unvaccinated”. 

As World Health Organization Director General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghrebeyesus put it this week: “A shocking imbalance remains in the global distribution of Covid-19 vaccines…The “Haves” are opening up, while the “Have-Not’s” are locking down.”

Beyond the human suffering, there are economic implications. 

A new estimate from the WHO, the University of Oxford and the UN Development Program on Thursday suggested that if lower-income Countries had been able to vaccinate as quickly as high income countries, it could have added $38bn to their GDP forecasts. The disparities mean that even some on the frontline remain unprotected. 

Most countries have prioritized health workers in their roll-outs, but the International Council of Nurses (ICN) and the WHO World Health Organization estimate that around an eighth of the World’s 135 million healthcare workers are still not fully vaccinated. 

ICN chief executive Howard Catton said: “Today, nurses will be going to work in some countries knowing that they are high risk, but unvaccinated. And at the same time, in richer countries, they see unlocking, they see less vulnerable younger people getting the vaccine, people being able to go and sit on beaches for their holidays because they’ve been double jabbed, while they are still waiting. And they feel dispensable and disposable.” Vaccinating the World is a complex problem.

For example, in the four countries where vaccination campaigns have not yet begun, several have turned down offers to take part in global vaccine distribution efforts, saying the situation is under control in their countries. Tanzania is at 0%, but has now rowed back on this. 

North Korea was due to get AstraZeneca vaccines through Covax, but reportedly sent back a shipment, citing concerns about side-effects, Reuters reported. This is “Not Good” for the population of North Korea.

In other countries, like Ghana, where just 1.3 per cent of people are fully vaccinated, hesitancy has risen in the last few months, with many also citing concerns over side-effects. The “Main” side-effects are “Proven” to come from the “Astrazenica Vaccine”, not the Pfyzer Vaccine, where Pfyzer is at 92% effective in the fight against Coronavirus.

There are other challenges, too; for example, getting vaccines to conflict-hit countries, such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria, North Cameroon.

However, the issue of inequity remains the strongest reason for the lack of jabs in poorer countries, particularly in a world where supply is still constrained. Over 3.5 billion vaccines have been distributed globally, but more than 75 per cent of those have gone to just ten countries. Richer countries administered 62 times more shots than poorer countries, according to the WHO. 

Countries like Australia, Canada and the UK have lined up between five and eight times as many vaccines as they need, and are now discussing vaccinating children and the potential need for booster jabs.

The WHO (World Health Organization) has repeatedly called for rich nations to share doses and scale-up manufacturing capabilities for vaccines around the World. There has been some progress on this front – the G7 has “Pledged” close to a Billion doses, and around 60 million doses are due to arrive in Africa through Covax in the next week. Pfizer is also set to begin manufacturing its jab in South Africa next year. But many say it is not happening quickly enough. 


Perth Australia, home of WKF World Head Office “Opens” its Borders for Interstate & Overseas Guests on 5th February 2022.

A few of the Western Countries, such as Australia, England, America are helping surrounding Countries close to them in the War against Covid-19. These Countries can’t help ALL 196 Countries of the World, but they can help at least 8-10 Countries each. As France has a few French Colonies throughout the Africa Continent, there hasn’t been any evidence of France helping any African Nations. “Hopefully” soon they will, for the good of all Man and Woman throughout Africa, just as Australia is assisting Countries throughout the Oceania Continent, England throughout the United Kingdom, and America assisting The Americas. Some of the “Wealthier” Countries in the Middle East, such as the UAE and Saudi Arabia, there is currently “No” evidence of those 2 Countries helping any of the Middle Eastern Countries. Hopefully soon they will, God willing. As for Asia, China should take responsibility in helping ALL Asian Countries that are struggling to Vaccinate all their Citizens, as they were the ones who manufactured the Coronavirus. In Europe, “Powerful” Nations such as Russia, Germany and Italy are yet to render assistance to “Struggling” European Countries. Praise God ALL Countries “Step-Up” and help each other in the fight against Covid-19, getting all the World population Vaccinated by July 2022. This is “Not” an unrealistic goal, but as the saying goes, “MANY HANDS MAKE LIGHT WORK”!


Who’s excited for 2022, when ALL International Travel will start up again? “WE ARE” at WKF World Head Office in Perth Australia, that’s who! All our WKF registered and Ranked fighters around the World are “Itching” to jump back into the Ring and Octagon Cage in 2022. Some Countries are “Opening” up there Borders for International Visitors “NOW” throughout early 2022. But it takes allot of planning to promote a WKF Titles Event. So, bring on 2022 – START TRAINING and START PLANNING your Fighters! We at WKF World Head Office in Perth Australia (Not Austria where all the Cake Eaters are), are really excited to give the fighters and fans what they want………….EXTREME COMBAT SPORTS……………IN A REAL RING or OCTAGON CAGE…………WHERE FIGHTS BELONG!

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