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By-laws and Constitution of the WKF WORLD KICKBOXING FEDERATION LIMITED (World Kickboxing Federation Limited)
WKF World Kickboxing Federation Limited Head Office ABN Number: 601 662 122.

1.1 Name and Headquarters
The association is called “WKF WORLD KICKBOXING FEDERATION LIMITED” (World Kickboxing Federation), hereafter referred to as WKF. It is a non-political, non-profit Amateur Association based on Democratic principles. The WKF is an International Amateur parent organisation for all individual and independently acting National WKF Associations World Wide, which is WKF.

Only registered National Associations or organisations and their members in possession of a WKF Sports Passport with a valid International WKF competition licence (Referee, Judge, Timekeeper, Supervisor, Fighter, Trainer, Manager, Cornerman) are eligible to participate in all events organised by the any branch of the WKF.

The Association/Federation Doctor is the highest authority in all medical questions and assignments. After informing the WKF World Advisory Board Director, he/she decides independently in all medical matters.

The Board of Directors decides in all matters not reserved for the General Assembly. A Board quorum is constituted by the presence of the WKF World Advisory Board Director resident and one third of its members. Decisions concerning the agenda are taken by simple majority. The WKF World Advisory Board Director has a casting vote.

1.2 Council
In urgent matters the council (WKF World Advisory Board Director and WKF Oceania Director, Vice-President/s, General Secretary, Chief Referee) may decide independently, i.e. without prior Board decision, the subsequent approval of the board of directors being necessary. The council, however, takes full responsibility in “Council decisions”.

1.3 Auditors
The two auditors are elected for a term of four years. They must not be members of the council. The auditors are in charge of auditing and controlling the financial administration of the Association. They are to be given unrestricted access to minutes and all other material necessary to fulfil their function. On their demand, they are to be given any information relevant to their task.

1.4 Court of Arbitration
Within the WKF, the Court of arbitration decides on all points of contention between members. It consists of five members to be elected by the parties in dispute. The Court elects its own Chairperson and decides by simple majority with all members present. The principle of both parties in dispute being heard has to be heeded. Decisions by the court of arbitration are final.

1.5 Voluntary Dissolution of the Association/Federation WKF WORLD KICKBOXING FEDERATION.
The voluntary dissolution of the Amateur Association WKF may only be decided on at a General Assembly called solely for this purpose with a two-thirds majority. The assets of the Association/Federation are to be donated to charitable organisations, as it sees fit.


                                                                        Perth, Australia. 16th March, 2017.

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