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The Journey behind Rwanda’s “New” WKF President and International Promoter Mr Sosthene Sezibera Bendera (Ministry of Sport, Rwanda).

Mr Sosthene Sezibera Bendera WKF Rwanda President/ Promoter

“WELCOME” Mr Sosthene Sezibera Bendera to the WKF Africa Family. His story of experience in Sports in Rwanda makes him very “Highly” qualified in becoming our “New” WKF Rwanda Country President and International Promoter.

WKF World CEO Robert Wilesmith & WKF Rwanda President Sosthene Bendera 2019

Local and International Sports have been a big part of Mr Bendera’s life, from a very early age, playing Soccer, then discovering Taekwondo Martial Arts. In 2012, he started being involved in all disciplines of Sports with the Ministry of Sports Office in Rwanda with the Government to the present day, being involved with the local and National Teams. “My love for sports has led Mr Bendera to be involved at the Elite level”, said Mr Bendera. He then said: “In early 2019, I met with WKF World CEO/President Mr Robert Wilesmith in Kigali Rwanda. He is a very passionate man, cares about the growth and expansion of Combat Sports in Rweanda and all Africa, creating many opportunities for Rwanda’s future. We fully support Mr Wilesmith”. Let’s all hope that this is the start of great things to come, for the great Country of Rwanda, and ALL Africa. It starts with Rwanda.


Mr Bendera is looking at Promoting and establishing WKF in all Rwanda in several ways, starting with the City of Kigali. Firstly, he is traveling with his Team of Rwanda’s Sports Government Officials to WKF World Head Office in Mandurah City (Perth Australia) for the upcoming WKF International Trainers/Fighters Certified Diploma Course and learn more Combat Sports Administration Business Course on 1st – 5th October 2022, to take all these skills back to Rwanda to implement. “I am looking at promoting Rwanda’s “First” WKF Pro and Amateur World Title Event in my home City of Kigali, creating great opportunities for International Combat Sports to flourish in Rwanda. I see the great potential in the growth and expansion in Rwanda, creating many rewards for the people of Rwanda”, said Mr Bendera. “We are looking at promoting this great WKF Title Event in mid/late November 2022”. Mr Bendera is hopeful for other WKF Global Promoters to join him, promote “Return Fight Deals”, showcasing some of the World’s BEST Fighters. WKF World President Mr Robert Wilesmith said “We at WKF have so many opportunities to offer the World’s best fighters.

We are looking for ALL Global Promoters to register for their WKF Promoter’s License, promote Return Fight Deals”. This means, if a WKF Promoter promotes a WKF Event, invites Champion fighters to their Country to fight for the prestigious WKF International Titles, there has to be a “Reciprocal Deal” on offer with a “Return Fight Real” WKF Titles Event in their Country. This means “What one WKF Promoter pays for a Fighter’s expenses (Title, Flights, Hotel, Food, Purses), the “Return Fight Promoter” MUST offer the exact same deal for the returning Fighter/s. This is more than fair, great business on both sides, great Global exposure. We at WKF World Kickboxing Federation are “Not” in the business of offering “Free One Way Holidays”, so please don’t ask. We are in the Combat Sports Business for “Fairness” in business, where both sides are treated fairly, and everyone is happy!

Mr Bendera and his Team of Rwanda Sports Delegates can also take the skills they learned in Australia back to Rwanda to “Upgrade” other Trainers, Instructors and Teachers through the WKF business System, which will highlight all Rwanda people who take part build a future in Combat Sports for many years to come with our WKF Global World Kickboxing, Boxing, MMA, Sanda/WuShu, Extreme Combat Sports Federation. Those who will gain certified WKF International Graded Certifications with our WKF, will be able to pass on the knowledge learnt in Australia at WKF World Head Office back in Rwanda (Africa). CLICK HERE:

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Lastly, but probably the most important, when other smaller Organizations and Federations who are not going anywhere or growing, get to know our WKF, and team up with us, Mr Bendera “Promises” to be able to organize WKF local, National, International fighting Events (Even Title Opportunities) under the name of WKF Rwanda.

In order to make all these happen, time and patience is needed. Every step must be planned accordingly in order to avoid any mistakes that other Associations and Organizations have made. The support of the WKF World Head Office World CEO/President Mr Robert Wilesmith will also be crucial to achieve this goal in Rwanda, and with the above-mentioned steps, WKF Rwanda will become “Powerful” in the Combat Sports Industry throughout the African and Global Union, with several African Country Members becoming part of our WKF World Family, including the great Country of Angola. Congratulations and “WELCOME” Mr Sosthene Sezibera Bendera on your new appointment as WKF RWANDA President and International Promoter. AWESOME!


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