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Become a WKF Representative “TODAY”
WKF National Representative
Application Form

If “YOU”, your Club or Association wishes to become a WKF Regional, State, Province, Country member of the WKF, please complete the online application and email to: admin@wkf; Please note: you must be able to hold at least Two WKF Titles Events per calendar year in order to qualify to become a WKF Representative in your country. Upon satisfaction of this criterion you will be sent official documentation along with an Official WKF Certificate and your Title and position in your Country. A “Small” fee of $50.00US is required to also be a registered WKF International Promoter License:


Name (Mr / Ms / Mrs):____________________________________________________________________________________________

Residence Address:__________________________________________________________________________

Postal Address: _____________________________________________________________________________

State: ______________________    Country: ________________________ Post Code / Zip Code:__________________

Telephone Country Code: +_____    Area Code:________ Number: _____________ Mobile No:_______________


E-mail Address: ___________________@_______________________

Website Address:    www. _____________________________________


Date of Birth:______/_______/_________


Nationality: ________________________________________________________________


Passpory Number:_______________  Country of Passport:____________________ Current (Yes/No):_________





How long have been involved in Martial Arts? __________Years

(Please submit details of your experience (Certificates), all achievements in Kickboxing or other Martial Arts on a separate document)

Please list below any other Martial Arts organisations, which you represent in your Country

  • _____________________________________________________
  • _____________________________________________________
  • _____________________________________________________

 What is your “Highest” Qualification in Martial Arts?

KICKBOXING: _______________ MMA: _______________ SANDA/WUSHU: ______________ OTHER: _________________



General Information

How many Kickboxing Clubs/Camps/Gyms are you in contact with on a regular basis within your Country? ________

How many Kickboxing Events have you Promoted in your Country?_________________


Did you Promote: STATE: ___________ NATIONAL __________  INTERNATIONAL: _______________

  • Name Them if Any – Location and Dates;
    1. _________________________________ ____/____/____
    2. _________________________________ ____/____/____
    3. _________________________________ ____/____/____
    4. _________________________________ ____/____/____
    5. _________________________________ ____/____/____
  • Why do you want to be part of the WKF? _________________________________________



    Do you suffer from any disease, illness or disability? If yes please give details below:

  • ______________________________________________________________
  • ______________________________________________________________

All information provided above is True and Correct.     Yes ___ No ____

Payment ($50.00US) to be made direct by: WESTERN UNION TRANSFER


I wish to apply for the position WKF National Representative for the Country of: __________________________


SIGN HERE:_______++_________________                        STAMP HERE: ___________________________


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