COVID-19 Coronavirus “UPDATE” at WKF World Head Office (Perth, Australia), as of 30th March 2020.


as of 30th MARCH 2020.

Hello ALL loyal WKF Presidents, Officials, Fighters, Fans around the World. Just a quick post to say that the WKF World Head Office in Perth Australia will remain “Open” during the “Lockdown” period of the current Global COVID-19 Coronavirus that is infecting the World. We are “Loyal” to all our WKF Members, and we will provide all the “Up to Date” news that you all want.

WKF CEO Robert Wilesmith & WKF MMA World Champion Jon Leven (Australia)

Yes, it is tough times. Tough times means tough new measures to be put in place. That means all you out there stay indoors, don’t catch this disease, as it can cause severe sickness, even death. Its important that we look out for one another, keep each other in our prayers, and lets “Wait” for the “All Clear” for when we can go back out in to the public freely. Its your duty to your family, friends and the general public to self isolate in your own homes, wash your hands regularly, don’t shake hands, hi-five, hugging or sweating in public. Confine all your affection to your loved ones only, not the rest of the world.

In regards to our “Upcoming” WKF Titles Events, we will keep you posted on “Updates”. In the meantime, we estimate that ALL our WKF World Events will start up from September 2020. Its not that long to wait. So, in the meantime, we advise ALL fighters stay fit, keep training at home, do what is necessary to stay fit, so you are ready for the “Upcoming” WKF Events for the rest of 2020 and 2021.

In the meantime, we at WKF World Head Office stay “Safe”, be careful of what you touch, breathe in, make sure you shower at least 3 times a day, wash hands regularly, eat healthy, support your families during these difficult times, and lets all work together to making 2020 the year of “Resurrection” into making WKF Champions. We invite ALL new Countries that are currently not registered with our WKF World Head Office to “Join” us, so we can each day become a Globally recognized Sanctioning Body for Kickboxing, MMA, Boxing, Sanda/WuShu and Extreme Combat Sports. We at WKF World Head Office are here for “YOU”. It cost allot of money to keep the WKF Head Office “Open” and operational, so during these tough times, we ask that you all remain “Loyal” with us, support us, and we all grow together as one.



May God bless you all, to you and your Families. Remember, tough times don’t last. TOUGH PEOPLE DO!

Kind Regards,

Mr. Robert Wilesmith
(WKF World CEO/President)
Perth, Australia

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