Yes, Nepal “DOES” have Muaythai Kickboxing fighters and Martial Artists both Amateur and Professional, and are ready to take on the world. After visiting the country of Nepal after the devestation of Earthquakes from 2016 where over 2000 people perished, Nepal is in a “Rebuilding” phase, and they are very tough resiliant people that want to show the World that they are ready for anything. With the wonderful generosity of Mr. Chandra Singh Adai looking after our accomodation at the beautiful Hotel Annapurna, the WKF’s aim was to help promote the World Kickboxing Federation there, giving fighters both Amateur and Professional a chance to compete both on the local and International circuit.

Our WKF delegates were invited to attend the 1st Nepal Prome Minister’s Muaythai National Championships by local Nepalese Promoter Mr. Ganesh Kaksshapati. This was a “Huge” honor, and we were asked to Referee the “Main” Championship bouts. Presentations were made to the Winners of each of the Weight Divisions, and it was a very successful Tournament for all who competed.

Next, the WKF World Head Office held a WKF Referee’s Seminar in Kathmandu, which was attended by allot of “Onlookers” wanting to see what the WKF was really all about. We presented a great “Pathway” for any and ALL Nepalese athletes if they register and compete in WKF Tournaments, with huge prospects of traveling overseas to represent their country of Nepal. Quite a few fighters registered, while others will register at a later date. A “Handful” of Nepalese participants completed their WKF “C” Class Referee licence, which is a huge honor to all who completed it. Well done to our “New” WKF Nepal Referees Mr Shambu Babu Giri, Mr Dipek Chhantyal and Miss Caroline Nakasi (Uganda), who traveled all the way from Kuwait to participate in the Seminar to become the “First” WKF Uganda woman Referee. Well done!

What’s next for Nepal? Well, we are waiting for all the dust to settle from our trip there, and from all indications, they are keen to host the “First” WKF Nepal Muaythai, K1 Kickboxing and All Forms Martial Arts Championships later this year, and offering other countries to participate against Nepal’s “Best” fighters. This is great news for the future of Nepal, and for the whole world to see what Nepal really has to offer. They don’t just have Mt. Everest. They have mountain fighters too!

On our “Next” trip to Nepal, we will be appointing a new WKF Nepal President to represent ALL Nepal fighters and athletes in Martial Arts. This country has a great future, and the WKF World Head Office are right behind Nepal in helping them become a great force in the Kickboxing World. In conjunction with our WKF India, WKF Vietnam, WKF PNG and WKF Australia Head Offices, we will colaborate a Tournament Circuit over a 4 week with all these Countries participating for Country Glory, to see “Who” is the “Best” in Asia and Oceania? Bids are coming in fast as to which Country is going to promote the WKF Asian Kickboxing Championships. Vietnam and India have put big bids in to Host the Championships. We will wait and see. In the meantime, well done Nepal!

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