The WKF (World Kickboxing Federation) World Head Office was “Officially” invited to come to the beautiful city of Mumbai, India on 20th & 21st February 2017. Kru Master Robert Wilesmith was greeted by the “Newly” appointed Grand Master Anthony Fernandes as the “New”WKF India President, as well as greeted by WKF India fellow deligates Mr Dinanath Singh and GM Prakash Wagh (Chief of Police India). Mr. YOGESH SHAD in Delhi (North of Mumbai) has been “KICKED OUT” of the WKF, and is “NOT” the WKF India President. He has been currently taking money from innocent India fighters by deceit over the last 3 years, by illegally collecting monies for false registrations from over 10,000 India athletes. That’s over $250,000US. The India police need to investigate this “CONMAN” Mr Yogesh Shad. DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS MAN. Mr Fernandes is the “RIGHT CHOICE” to lead WKF INDIA in a positive direction. He is our WKF India Boss. Join him and Mr Prakash Wagh!

The Welcoming was nothing short of “Rock Star” treatment, with our new Indian friends rolling out the red carpet for all the appearances. First stop was the Police Commando Unit at the Academy in Mumbai City. Mr Wilesmith addressed the elite Indian Police Force with a WKF International Referee Officials Seminar, followed by many guest appearances throughout Mumbai. “The quality of Martial Arts in Mumbai India is very advanced, yet the world doesn’t know the secret lying dormant in India”, Mr Wilesmith said. “The talent of the fighters and athletes at the elite level in the Amateur ranks is very high, with many Gold Medalists from past Martial Arts competitions throughout the World. But NOW India is ready for its fighters and athletes to turn Professional, and travel the World”, Mr Wilesmith said. Grand Master Fernandes, Mr Prakash Wagh and Mr Singh also agreed.

Congratulations also goes to our Indian Grand Master Fernandes, as he proved his professionalism to WKF World Head Office Director Mr Wilesmith that he was also awarded the WKF ASIA Continental Director position, where he is in charge of all WKF activities throughout all Asia. “It’s a huge responsibility for one person, but Mr Fernandes is up to the task, very professional and very knowledgeble in his craft of Martial Arts.

Mr Wilesmith was also a “Guest Speaker” at the “GLOBAL PEACE SUMMIT” on 22nd February, attended by delegates from all over the World, including Dr. Sammy Egbob (Germany), Dr. Melinda H. Borrow (Panama), Mrs. Doris and Mr. Daniel Martini (Germany), Dr. Alwin Ronald Timothy (India) and Dr. Pete Marrero (USA). It was a great privilage to speak to the world on Peace, especially from the background of Martial Arts. We all visited a Centre for the Mentally Challenged children (The forgotten children in today’s society). They were all beautiful happy children, very gifted in making crafts to raise funding for the Centre they are learning at and sheltering at. The WKF (World Kickboxing Federation) World Head Office are proud to be involved in such a project, and any help within the future, for a better life for the kids of tomorrow.

Finally, congratulations to Miss Payal Wagh (Daughter of Mr Prakash Wagh, who is the “First” WKF India International Referee in all India. (See photo far bottom right). Also, Mr. Senthil Kumar Kounder and Dr. Fernandes became WKF International Referee’s too and are registered. Well done ALL!!

In conjunction with WKF India and the rest of WKF Asia, Dr. Anthony Fernandes has announced that he is ready to promote his “First” WKF Pro/Am Kickboxing Event in Mumbai in May/June 2017, with some of the very “Best” India Martial Artists competing for Pride and Glory. For ALL further inquiries, please contact Grand Master Anthony Fernandes on: +91 99207 23886.

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