Egypt’s Mohammed Sabih “Fraudster – Scammer”

On 14th – 18th October 2021, Egyptian Fraudsters Mr MOHAMED DESSOUKI and Mr MOHAMMED SABIH (Who is a part of a Corrupt Egypt Kickboxing Federation and European Global Scammer Fritz Exenberger’s Network of Scammers), falsely “Used” our WKF World Trademark Logo and WKF Name to promote a “FAKE” WKF Championships in Egypt. So, how did it turn out? It was a “JOKE” to say the leas, with both Dessouki, Sabih, European Scammers Exenberger and Hungary Fraudster Mr Istvan Rozman pocketing thousands of dollars from the poor, silly people who were “Conned” and “Scammed” by these Fraudsters. 

Egypt’s Scammer Promoter Mohamed Dessouki in Egypt Hospital with Covid-19 Virus

  • Mr Dessouki contracting Covid-19 just before the Fake Event!
  • There was “No” Referee Seminar on 15th-17th October in Cairo!
  • Where they promised 140 Countries will attend, but only 5 Countries did, with less than 8 people per Team. Uganda only had 2 people! What a Joke???
  • The smallest Event in Egypt Africa history!
  • Corruption, Fraud, interference from the Fake Promoters to assist their Egyptian Fighters Win!
  • Egypt was one of the “Most” affected Coronavirus Nations in all North Africa. Nobody at this Event practicing “Social Distancing” or wearing Masks. Over 95% of people attended was “Not” Vaccinated.
  • And LOT’S MORE!

Gregor Flock – Far Left (Poland Coach) Team Photo 2021 in Egypt


Listen to the “TRUTH” of what Poland Team Coach Mr GREGOR FLOCK (Who was lied to by Austrian Scammer Exenberger) says about the FAKE OCTOBER 2021 EGYPT EVENT:

PART 1 of Mr Flock’s Poland Report:

The “Fake” World Championships in Egypt 🇾🇪 goes into History as the worst Event “EVER”! 😡
I’ve been fighting and driving all over the world for 30 years, but to see such shit… and we haven’t seen anywhere else in Egypt, This “Ugly” Gentlemen in the pictures above Right and Left (Mr Mohammed Sabih) and (Mr Mohammed Dessouki) are probably the “Worst” Promoters of Egyptian and ALL Africa Kickboxing History!.

With nothing to do with WKF, he ruled and did whatever he wanted. On Monday and Tuesday put the entire Egypt Competition on “Hold”, wanting an additional $200.00US from each Amateur Fighter 😡 no one knows why??  He was turning off the lights in the hall and after the competition 🤣 From what I know, every day, you had to give Sabih and Dessouki $2 thousand dollars because they won’t let the Event go on till they get their money 😆

When some Egyptian man lost his fight, he interrupted the Tournament and why? Even though the Egyptian fighters were poor quality Beginners competing, the “Only Way” to beat an Egyptian Fighter in the tournament is by KO. It was impossible for a”Any” International fighter to win against an Egyptian Fighter on Points, because this “Stupid” gentleman interrupted the tournament all the time a Egypt fighter was in trouble, and Mr Sabih created a problem immediately to interrupt the fight and “Decision”.

For me as a Polish Team Coach 🇵🇱 all my players and I think of any others (Which wasn’t many) who participated in this Egypt Event, it was the worst Championship I’ve ever seen , my fighters participated in and what happened there 😡😡😡

One big SHIT, this Egypt man Mr Mohhamed Sabir in the above photo is the biggest “IDIOT”, the “Biggest Scammer”, the most corrupt I have ever seen. This kind of person with this type of “Bullshit”, I haven’t seen in my 30 years of Kickboxing. For us as Polish Team, this was the “First” and “LAST” trip to Egypt Africa for any competition or Gala. They will “NEVER” see us there in life again! 😡 We will never invite a Team from Egypt to Poland for any competition “EVER”, especially these Egypt Scammers Mr Sabih and Mr Dessouki.

Warning to other Federations! Watch out for this Egypt Fraudster guy MR MOHAMMED SABIH and Mr MOHAMMED DESSOUKI. Watch out for tournaments in Egypt Africa, because what we’ve been throughout Egypt is indescribable, embarrassing. We are happy to be back in Poland, still waiting for Covid-19 Tests results 👌 We are Stressing, as there was allot of Covid-19 throughout Egypt, and “Nobody” there was wearing protective Masks and “No Social Distancing”! SCARY!

Greetings to all Teams 🙏 from around the world ❤ but not this Egypt IDIOT guys MR SABIH and MR DESSOUKI. What next, another “Fake” Exenberger World Cup in China in 2022 – Home of the Covid Virus? “NO THANKS”!

PART 2 of Mr Gregor Flock (Poland) Report


An insider report of how Egypt and especially the Egyptian Kickboxing Federation/EKF (https://www.facebook.com/egyptiankickboxing/) and its Head Fraudsters Mr Mohammed Sabih and Mr Mohamed Dessouki screwed all its foreign guests and fighters at the 2021 “FAKE” World Championships in Cairo, Egypt.

Fighters, please “Share” this following Report WORLDWIDE and use the Facebook translate function in ALL Languages, to read this account of a huge International scandal in the sports and fighting world if your English is not that good. Note that I am writing the following report and traveling diary, not just as a kickboxer who traveled to Cairo with the Austrian National Team in order to compete at the WKF 2021 World Championships in October, but also as an independent philosopher and journalist who is generally concerned with speaking about and sharing some unpleasant truths.

“Fake” Austria’s Fritz Exenberger, Uganda’s Apolot Patricia, Exenberger’s Fraud Associates René Reinhart, Haider Odoch Odo, Markus Tröscher, Ulrike Tröscher, Gerhard Corradini, Fürtös Bálint, and the “Fake” EGYPTIAN KICKBOXING FEDERATION, this is about YOU!. The World will be interested in this “REAL” Story.

The account I am about to tell is hard to believe. If you were not at the 2021 “Fake Cairo Championship2021 Event”, and you did not experience these things yourself as I did, you are LUCKY. The following might also be harder to believe since fighters who participated in the 2021 Egypt Scam Event in Cairo are now busy posting about the fights and their teams, wins and medals while – so far – remaining silent about the huge scandal that happened in Cairo. But if you do a little bit of asking around, at least the non-Egyptian fighters from all over the world will be able to confirm the truthfulness of the following events.


The recurring theme of a “TOURIST AND GUEST RIPOFF” already began to emerge when we arrived on Sunday, Oct. 17, and it never went away. Some examples: a) On Sunday 17th October, I went to the dinner buffet of our 5-star Tolip El Galaa Hotel, where I paid $215 Egyptian Pounds (EGP) – roughly €uro 11 – *in advance.* Somewhat unusual, but ok. After a not stellar but ok meal, someone from the Egypt Hotel Staff came to me, attempted to play with my potential insecurities or forgetfulness by asking me if I had really paid? This was a nonsensical question, since you always pay in advance there in Cash, including on later days. The apparent Scam was to try to make me pay twice for the same meal. I needed to point out that the guy to whom I had given the money before, he let me go.


b) We went to a bigger Supermarket on Monday, Oct. 18, to buy Water and Food Groceries. The bill for my wares was EGP 187 and was clearly displayed at the cashier. I gave the cashier EGP 200 in cash, but instead of returning me the difference of EGP 13, he first stupidly (and while holding my 2*100 in his hand) tried to convince me that I had not given him enough money and demanded an extra EGP 100 twice. After pointing out twice to the Egypt Supermarket Scammer that I actually had given him 200 and displaying to him that I could not be Scammed, he mumbled some short excuse and finally handed me my change of EGP 13.

c) The worst classical Tourist Scam happened in our Tolip El Galaa Hotel, with 9 people from the Exenberger Austrian Team, who used a Taxi contact stationed in the reception. (They charge very hefty provisions and are totally unnecessary: You could simply walk outside and wave down one or several taxis within literally 1 minute). They charged the nice people an outrageous €20 not just for a ride – i.e. EGP 365(!) – but PER PERSON (!!) for an absurd Grand Total of €180 or EGP 3293 (!!!).

Note that a long Taxi ride – as in 40kms from the Hotel to the Pyramids of Giza – cost 4 of our group EGP 150 “In total”, split by four people. We paid EGP 200 for the Taxi ride back to the Hotel, because we did not feel like negotiating it down. A short Taxi ride was EGP 40-50. Asking for that price *per person* is yet “ANOTHER SCAM”. Our Hotel ‘apologized’ by charging them ‘only’ EGP 100 “Per person” on a ride which is still way too much. So SCAM after SCAM after SCAM, and NO ‘apology’ for the previous Scam.

d) I will briefly mention the irritating plastic Pyramid Sellers at the Pyramids of Giza, which one did not leave me alone after I told him 5-10 times “la shukran” (NO THANKS)!. He instead complimented me on my Egyptian, asked me where I come from, hung me with a cheap head-cloth, while I rolled my eyes and then very predictably proceeded to ask me for Bakshish. I gave him back the whole thing and hope that he felt offended.

e) Also ‘amusing’: There was a wedding celebration at the hotel on Sunday 17th – the third in that week. The last two stopped at midnight which is reasonable. But this one was still going after 1am and with hardly anyone of us being able to sleep because of that – and that in a 5-star Hotel. The celebration, which I initially liked, eventually only stopped because someone threw the fuses around 1:30am. After that we thankfully and finally went to sleep.


2. THE “SO CALLED” WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS 2021 INTERNATIONAL SCANDAL, what would happen at the Egypt 2021 World Championships would be far, far worse, and something that one very high-ranking Exenberger official called “the worst scandal he has seen in 40 years of kickboxing.” The original schedule was to have all the fights from Wednesday, Oct. 20 to Friday, Oct. 22, and to just have the fight gala on Saturday, Oct. 23. Everything was already paid for. But then the Egyptians’ bigger Scam and Bullshit is just beginning.


2a. Most of us leave the Hotel after 9am in Buses to the fight Venue, all being in good spirits and feeling excited still. Team Austria arrives and walks into the Fight Venue, while the other few Country Teams are already there, and I take photographs of them. Nothing happens yet and we are told that we all need to leave the Fight Venue, so that they can “Disinfect the Venue”. That already sounds fishy – idiotic timing, but we reluctantly oblige. More than 1 hour passes, where “NO” disinfecting whatsoever happens. At around 11am, all Fighters and Staff becoming quite impatient, angry and irritated by the Host’s treatment of making us waiting around for we don’t know why. “We want to fight” chants start up with all who were in attendance, and people start banging the glass doors to the Fight Venue to vent their angry frustration. After all, we were ALL on a time-table and came to fight, not to wait or stuff around. While Security lines up on the other side of the door, the Fake European Organization Leader Mr Fritz Exenberger is for some time “Prevented from leaving the Venue”. At some point it transpires that the Egyptian Hosts are simply asking for MORE MONEY – €10.000 more, or otherwise NO FIGHTING!. Their excuse for this type of bribery is that they/the EKF (Egyptian Kickboxing Federation), headed by both Mohamed Dessouki and Mohammed Sabih (Which are not even part of the “Real” WKF), registered 150-170 “Expected attending fighters”, way before the registration deadline of 15th October 2021, and that these additional Egyptian fighters somehow make the Championship more expensive. Less than I say 25-30 Fighters attend. The Owner of the Host Cairo Fight Venue also appears to be in on the Money Scam.

So instead of starting the “Fight Event” on time, there are super serious considerations of the entire Cairo Egypt 2021 Event being “CANCELLED”, after fighters and Teams spent lots of money and Sponsors to get there, not to mention all the months of preparation. We even hear of a case where one fighter from South America “Sold” his Moped Motorcycle to Travel to this SCAM Event in Cairo Egypt.

Very agitated, bartering begins between us and the Egyptian Scammers around EGYPT KICKBOXING FEDERATION HOST Mr Mohammed Sabih, and some time around 1:30pm, after much waiting, disbelief, the entire Egypt Championships is hanging on a thread in being “CANCELED”, and after they already turned the lights off in the stadium, an agreement is reached to additionally pay them €2000/day so that the fighting can proceed. Incredibly though, there is no more fighting during the entire Wednesday which sets us back immensely. We are in a state of shock and disbelief and realize that this is just yet another but much bigger scale Tourist ripoff. We play along though since we already invested a lot of money and time, since we want to make the fights happen.

Initially, we also heard stories of some teams – e.g. Poland – being held in buses at the Hotel until we cough up the €10.000, which leads to 2 nations, including Austria, calling all their Embassies for protection!. But later, Hungary Team Manager Mr Istvan Rozman told me that many Teams were “Stranded” doing nothing, waiting in Buses back at the Hotel for hours (they never even made it to the Fight Venue) on Wednesday at all. It was evident that “NOTHING” was prepared, the Fight Venue “Wasn’t Paid for”!

We return to the Hotel much later in the afternoon after wasting the whole day. We would “Hope” that things will go more smoothly during the remaining days. Ironically, when we arrived back at the Hotel, there is some retarded 6.00pm ‘WELCOME TO EGYPT PARTY’ organized (Which should of been organized 4 days earlier when we arrived). Ironically, all who attended “Left” the Fight Venue with an immense frustration. Nobody but the Egyptians go to the Party, to show them our disappointment and protest at how we are being treated by them. P.S. In the evening I order a “Vegetarian” vegetable pizza at an outside Restaurant that sadly has no Egyptian dishes. The pizza came with meat, is also “Deep Freeze”, NOT Freshly made, and tasted really bad. Food was “Bad”!


2b. We get notified that Egyptian National Security – i.e. the Egypt Interior Ministry – wants our Passports and Numbers. We phone the Austrian Embassy again which assures us that this is ok (But handing over the passports is NOT ok). The plan is to leave at 8:30am Thursday morning for the Fight Venue and the Fight Event to start at 10am, but this time things “AGAIN” do not proceed either. We now hear that a document for the Egypt Ministry of Sport and the Interior Ministry where the names of all participants supposedly need to be listed and registered, has not been filled out yet. Excellent organization by the Egyptian Hosts Mr Dessouki and Mr Sabih once again, NOT!.

On Thursday, the situation is also reversed for us Polish and Austrians, since the other couple of Nations that attended are already at the Fight Venue while we are “Still” back at the Hotel. We were all told that we instead will leave the Hotel later in the afternoon at 1pm instead, and start at 2pm, with the documents hopefully already being filled out and stamped by then (Which should of already been done before leaving Poland). So instead of fighting, I instead swim my 20 lengths in the Hotel Pool just like the day before. It is clear to everyone at this point that the Egyptians are highly incompetent in promoting Fight Events, as well as they are highly corrupt and possibly even sabotaging the Event for monitory gain of Money for themselves. Guess what? We don’t depart at 1pm either. Instead, EKF Corrupt Hosts Mohamed Dessouki and Mohammed Sabih makes an appearance at the Hotel where, with lots of drama, he paints themselves as “Victims” of circumstances. But no one believes them at this point anymore. It’s good (for them) that the generally nice and non-problematic Egypt Interior Ministry guys are there, because otherwise there is a high chance that they would get beaten up by our Team of Fighters. My girlfriend asks me “How long will this take?” I reply by texting “You mean drowning them in the Hotel Pool? Lol.

Reports of not going/cancelling the Egypt Championships Event and going there alternate in discussions. After 4pm and “Still being stranded at the Hotel”, I hear crazily enough, they are paying the full daily €2000 Bakshish, after an already 7 hour delay. I mention to someone that this is a “Fully-blown absurdity” and I’ll talk about “Legendary Absurdity” later. After 8 hours of delays, we enter a smaller Bus, which is supposed to leave “In 5 minutes” – an expression that becomes a running gag. Five minutes later some of us are outside the bus since the bus is supposedly overloaded, and we are seriously losing our shit, because nothing makes sense anymore in Cairo Egypt. One of our guys – Boro Jovanovic from the https://www.facebook.com/Kaisergymtirol, great guy – starts a folksy “Schuhblattler Song and Dance”, because why the hell not?. ‘Anything is possible in Cairo, and with the Bullshit Egypt Kickboxing Federation (EKF), its a Joke!.

We “Finally” depart after 5pm and an unimaginable 9 hours of delay! For once, actual fighting happens until 11pm for about 5 hours, but my name does not even appear on the fight pairings yet. What a Joke? A semblance of normalcy is restored, but we are way behind schedule and are just wondering how the Egyptians will try to screw us over next for “More Money”, “Disadvantage Us”, and whether we can finish what we came to Egypt for, to fight at the Egypt Championship Event. This is “NO” World Class Championships. Its a MESS!


The Muslim Prayer – call wakes us all up every night at 5am despite the Hotel closed windows. I tried a pillow over my head, and I “Still” can’t go back to sleep afterwards. What a “Nightmare”?

2c. We somehow actually manage to leave shortly after 8:30am but there is one Tatami Mat Fight Square “Less” in the Fight Venue – down from 3/4 active ones to 2/4 – because some Judges somehow don’t feel like Judging. Bad for getting things done. My first fight finally pops up – the third on a newly added list with close to half of the fights of the previous day still needing to happen. The long waiting and sitting around but more so knowing that we are getting ripped off, my massively incompetent and corrupt Egyptians who use our desire to fight against us really pulls me down. Michael/Mike (Much Haider) from our Polish Team is scheduled to fight next, my fight should be five fights later, and I also warm up and start to feel significantly better again and ready for fighting. But Mike’s fight never happens, even though both he and his Opponent are on the Mats ready. My fight consequently also fails to materialize, doesn’t go ahead. What a Joke?

Instead, things slowly wind down before 5pm and we are afraid that they want to close the Fight Venue for the day already. There are announcers throughout in Arabic. But we all have no idea what they are saying, since their English and the acoustics in the Fight Venue are not good at all. They switch off half the lights shortly before 5pm, which is reminiscent of Thursday night shortly before closing down. But after we pay them money – we are wondering if it is the amount for the day or something on top of that to keep going beyond 5pm – the lights come on brighter than before, and Judges return to the Tatami Mats, and fighting resumes. Television cameras are also rolling, like on the day before. Did I say “What a Joke” before?

My fight slowly comes up after much delay, but I am so disgusted by how we are being treated and used – including for Egyptian State propaganda, which incorrectly presents Cairo as a suitable Host for International Events – that the thought of “Protest” and “Boycott via Non-Participation” starts to appear in mine and everyone else’s minds. I just don’t want to give this absurd Egypt farce of an Event, where fighting was long since overshadowed by the Egyptians’ incompetence and “Corruption” any more legitimacy with my participation. They had simply ruined and perverted what was supposed to have been a “Sports Event”.

I talk with my Coach Fritz Exenberger about my serious thoughts about cancelling in protest. “Not Knowing” that he is “Not” the WKF President at the time, he tells me that my cancellation would simply result in my name being crossed out from a list and advises me to rather warm up and fight. I smelt something really “Fishy” here. But I think it over again, am totally “Not” feeling it, and eventually go with my principled decision of not even bothering to fight there in protest. My fights with other kickboxers thus morphed into a fight with highly incompetent and corrupt Egyptian (dis)organizers, which I will destroy instead with my Social Media Facebook Posts, and by telling the truth about what happened. 😈 👹

My Romanian opponent Romulus Badulescu, who I would generally have liked to fight to see what’s what, appears on the ring and gets a victory (I saw him fight later and think that I would have beat him). But I feel good about my decision ‘NOT” competing, but to take my anger out on the “Fucking Incompetent” Egyptians instead. Also because I know that will be in the interest of all the other fighters who got screwed over massively by the Egyptians. Solidarity! 😉I should be registered for another Martial Arts Style of Discipline, but decide that I will “Cancel” that too if the fights should even come up. They don’t “Refund” me my money, despite me having paid for two registrations for myself.

SATURDAY 22nd OCTOBER (7th Day in Cairo Egypt)

2d. Fighting is still happening and I assist my Polish Team Members mainly by filming their fights. But our main thoughts are with leaving this “Shitty” place – both the Fight Venue and later the Hotel – as quickly as possible, with me also already plotting my revenge against the Egyptian (dis)organizers Mr Dessouki and Mr Sabih of the Egyptian Kickboxing Federation. Funny thing is, hardly any fights happened!

The Egyptians pulled some further crazy shit. Would you believe they played the Egypt National Anthems during the medal Ceremonies – instead of other Countries Anthems, repeatedly – even in the middle of Gala Fights which were supposed to be stand-alone. The Egyptians keep cheating in decisions – e.g. waving off or counting out clearly beaten Egyptian fighters – only to let them continue. Both their Egypt Fighters and Coaches constantly keep creating unnecessary drama which costs time, and they are getting booed often since everyone has had enough of them and their never-ending “Bullshit”. We see some random nonsense by “The Hero Team” where a guy dressed up as a Pharaoh, decapitates a woman and some kids with a sword – very heroic – and shows us how he can jump with his “Ass”. The Egyptian version of The Witcher – a kid with a black witch hat and nun-chucks, which he has “No Idea” how to use – is also there. Some other girl holds a Katana Sword the wrong way around (blade facing herself) during another show, etc. This Event is the biggest “FARCE IN KICKBOXING HISTORY”!

The worst thing that could literally have ended in a fighter’s death is when an Argentina fighter Facundo Gramajo gets knocked out of the Ring, through the too soft ropes. He lands on his head outside the Ring, with his full weight on his angled neck, and remains lying there for 40-60 minutes before the ambulance arrives. YES, there was “No Ambulance or Doctor in attendance”! One of our Polish Team Members is a Medical Doctor, and he tells me that it is critical “NOT” to wait, since the swelling in the brain or spinal cord could lead to nerve damage and consequently death or permanent disability. Judge René Reinhart tells me Facundo would most likely have been dead if his neck had not been relaxed while hitting the ground. Fortunately though and amazingly, we see Facunda/-o walking around later that Saturday almost if nothing had happened, and we are very relieved. Still, no medical Doctors at the Venue during the Event was a “Disgrace” and negligent.

We leave after the 3rd Gala fight – Hungary Istvan Rozman’s young “Mistress” girlfriend from Uganda Patricia Apolot vs some Argentian fighter. Guess what? They once again play the Egyptian Anthem and Patricia is “Forced to wait” before taking her “Easy set-up Win”. It really didn’t look anything like a proposed Title Fight of any kind. It was a “Gift” for her, and everyone there knew it. What a waste of time? What a Shitty Egypt Event?

Finally, I am super happy that we can pack, enjoy some Heineken beer in the Hotel Courtyard, thanks too much for Haider’s efforts. I invite René Reinhart, who walked out of the Event as a Judge, in protest on Friday to the applause of everyone and 10 minutes after that,  I cancelled my fight in protest, heading to the Bar to some good whisky, which I brought along and to thank him for his “Walkout” of the Event. We have our own private Medal Ceremony at the pool which is really nice since no Egyptians attending or are messing things up for everyone. No Podium Presentations. Funny enough I get a solidarity Bronze Medal as a Gift, “for waiting so long” which is a very nice gesture, even though I didn’t fight. 🙂 That’s how easy I won a Medal, and I didn’t even fight? Hahaha!

We eventually depart to the Cairo Airport at 11:30 pm on a Bus that is not able to take everyone. Three of us are forced to take a Taxi and arrive with some delay at the Airport. A bigger problem is that two of our younger guys do not have a certain type of passport and it looks as if they might not be able to leave Egypt. After stressful discussion and waiting – thank you Karim – they are letting the two guys depart after a further display of their incompetence (our guys had sufficient documentation after all in other ways). After about a one hour delay, due to a technical difficulties and more delays, we finally fly away at around 3:30am never to return to Egypt again. Mr Fritz Exenberger “Disappeared” into the Moonlight, not facing any questions or complaints. He got his money in his pocket from the Egyptians. Not Cool!


“FAT OLD” European Austria Fraudster Fritz Exenberger

Literally “Every single person” or 100% of people I spoke to or overheard who attended the Egypt SCAM EVENT – including Africans from other countries – really disliked Egypt, and how we were ill treated there. Things visitors of the Fake Egypt Event said were closely along the following lines:

“Why not do the Championships in a good Country?”

“They are fucking us”.

“I will never return to Egypt/Africa “Never again”.

“Not even for free – Egypt Mafia Sabotage. Mongrel Dogs they are”.

“A plane should fly over [to bomb/nuke this place]”

“The biggest scandal I have ever witnessed in 40 years of kickboxing”.

Mr Robert Wilesmith – WKF World CEO/World President

“From All the Reports that we seen in Egypt, Fritz Exenberger “NOT” owning the WKF World Kickboxing Federation are TRUE. Mr Robert Wilesmith is the REAL WKF World CEO in Perth Australia without question”.

The offshoot of this is that, mainly due to the corrupt EKF (Egyptian Kickboxing Federation), Mohammed Sabih, Mohamed Dessouki and Fritz Exenberger, Egypt is completely and utterly finished as a fighting destination “AND” a Tourist Destination for anyyone who went there, and for everyone who reads this Report (so please share it widely). And that is the victory that I take from Egypt: You Egyptian Bullshitters, Scammers, Idiots, Drama Queens, etc. simply messed with the wrong guy, since I very much enjoy to make you pay for all that, by the speaking the truth about it. So win for Poland, heavy loss for Egypt, and I inflicted it. 💪 That’s good enough for me – I’ll just get my Gold during the next World Championships.

Thank You, GREGOR FLOCK (Poland Team Coach and Fighter)!

The “Final Outcome” was what we predicted. Over 15 people who attended the Fake Cairo Egypt Event has contracted Caronavirus, and have taken the dangerous Virus back to their Countries. Not good!


Well, firstly our WKF World Head Office in Perth WA Australia want to “Apologize” for all the confusion caused with, what seems to be “2 WKF Federations”. There is “Our” WKF World Kickboxing Federation LTD registered Company and WKF Trademark Logo, and then there is Fraudster Fritz Exenberger’s “FAKE” Federation in Vienna Austria. Allot of people get Australia confused with Austria. Australia is the large Island in the Oceania Region, whereas little Country Austria is located in the middle of Europe, surrounded by many Countries. Australia is very much a Sporting Nation, winning many Sporting Events around the World in various sports, very strong in Kickboxing, Boxing, MMA and Extreme Sports. Austria is renowned for lots of snow skiing and eating lots of Fatty Cakes and Pastries for Breakfast!.

But lets get to the “Real Truth”. Exenberger tells everyone that he is the owner of the WKF, yet he cannot produce any Court Legal Documents of Ownership, no “Tax Returns” for the past 10 years, no records of Ownership. All he “Can” produce is a FAKE Website, along with a FAKE ISKA Website (Same Color Scheme) advertising his FAKE Events that pretend to be WKF. Exenberger offers young teenagers to train at his “Basement Bunker Room” for “Free” in exchange for looking after his Fake Social Media Pages, like his many different Facebook Accounts, all his custom Graphic Designing and Web Designing. His teenager Taekwondo Students design all his Posters for Free, get many favors from them in exchange for kicking a couple of Pads a few days a week. Let’s not forget that Exenberger has “Never” done a Kickboxing Course, “Never” fought in the Ring or Octagon Cage as an Amateur or Professional. He has only competed in the “Tappy Tap Tap” Kick Light, Light Contact Taekwondo Tournaments on Tatame Mats – That’s it, nothing else. He’s “Never” competed in Muaythai, K1, Low Kick Kickboxing, MMA or Boxing. He claims a Pension from the Austria Government with fortnightly payments, as he is “Old”. Check out Exenberger’s Fake ISKA Website where he has plastered all his Fake Event posters on. CLICK HERE: https://iska-europe.com/. 

Exenberger holds 2 Bank Accounts (One in Germany, the other in Switzerland), yet he lives in Vienna Austria. These are advertised on his “Fake” Website. This explains “Why” he doesn’t have a Austria Bank Account – He is on a Seniors Pension with the Austria Government. I “Hope” one day he gets “Audited” by the Austria Government, to expose him for what he truly is – a LIAR, a THIEF, a TAX FRAUDSTER and a “SCAMMER”. So, we would be obliged with “ANYONE” in Austria, Germany or Switzerland to “Report” Exenberger for Tax Evasion and Fraud in Vienna Austria. There is a “Reward” offered to “Anyone” who successfully “Reports” this Fraudster to the Austrian Government for Fraud and Tax Evasion.

WATCH – “Fake” Exenberger post “Fake” photos on his Website of people receiving lots of “Fake” WKF Medals, yet there was hardly “Any” fight action going on in Cairo Egypt. From all reports, to keep visiting fighters happy (Who were “Conned” into wasting money traveling to Egypt), Exenberger and Dessouki and Sabih were giving out “Fake” WKF Medals like “Chocolates”. We at the “REAL” WKF World Head Office can’t imagine how the “Conned” fighters feel. They must be very “Angry” being Scammed in Egypt by these Fraudsters. We need to make a clear point – “THIS WAS NOT A WKF EVENT. IT NEVER WAS. IT WAS A SCAM MONEY GRAB BY FRAUDSTERS IN EGYPT, PRETENDING TO BE OUR WKF”. Let’s “Hope” the World has now learned their lesson that they were Conned by Exenberger and his Scamming Associates, falsely using our WKF name. This is one of the “Biggest” Fraud Crimes in Egypt’s history. Our WKF World Head Office in Perth Australia wish for the Egypt Sports Minister to “APOLOGIZE” to the “Real” WKF World President Mr Robert Wilesmith, for allowing these “Scammers” to promote such a Scam Event, which brings Egypt’s name into “Disrepute”, a bloody Sport’s “DISGRACE”!

Whilst the Coronavirus has “Gripped” all Europe, its very hard to get to Europe to bring Exenberger to Justice for his many “Fraudulent” Crimes. We at WKF World Head Office in Australia have ALL the evidence of his Fraud, along with ALL his Associates throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East that are a part of his Global Scamming. But as Exenberger is getting very old, maybe HELL will take him before we get to him? Who knows, but we are on his trail.


The “Real” WKF Egypt President Mr Mohamed Radi Elshahhat

The “Real” WKF Egypt Promoter Mr. Mammoud Shahhat Abdrabbou

So, “Who” are the “Real” WKF Egypt Representatives who closely work with our WKF World Head Office? Behind the scenes, our WKF Egypt President Mr MOHAMED RADI ELSHAHHAT and our WKF Egypt licensed Promoter is Mr MAHMOUD SHAHHAT ABDRABBOU. Both these Men come with years of experience in the North Africa and Middle East Regions.

Both Mr Elshahhat and Mr Abdrabbou have been working “Tirelessly” in our “Real” WKF Egypt Office, having to deal with the Egypt Government daily to get these Egyptian Scammers Mr Dessouki and Mr Sabih of the “Fake” EKF. To gain the Global respect and Pride that Egypt once had, until recently both Dessouki and Sabih “Destroyed” the reputation of Egypt, both Mr Elshahhat and Mr Abdrabbou will do whatever it takes to gain Global respect back to the great Nation of Egypt in North Africa. Our WKF World Head Office believes in both Mr Elshahhat and Mr Abdrabbou in working hard to bring “Credibility” and “Honor” back to Egypt. Let’s hope that the Scammers Dessouki and Sabih are put in Jail for the Fraud they are doing in Egypt, and our “Real” WKF Egypt Office is “Restored” back to it’s glory of the Pharaoh Land, God willing.


Mr Robert Wilesmith – The “Real” WKF World CEO/President

We at WKF World Kickboxing Federation Head Office in Perth WA Australia are remaining “Positive” for a BIG YEAR in 2022, with many “Big” WKF Title Events around the World. Our registered WKF Fighters will get the big chance of fighting the “Big Fights” against worthy Opponents, not “Set-Up” Opponents like what unregistered Uganda fighter Patricia Apolot was given in the recent Cairo Egypt Scam October Event. But then again, she is the young “Mistress” of “Old” 50 year old Hungary Scammer Istvan Rozman. Did we expect anything less? There is “No” such fighter Patricia Apolot in our WKF World Rankings. She doesn’t exist as far as our WKF World Head Office is concerned. We at WKF “Pride” ourselves to evenly match ALL fighters both Amateur and Professional.

For ALL our registered WKF Country Representatives and Promoters who are registered with our Office, we have a “$1,000.00US Gift” for each of you when we are invited to your “Next” WKF Titles Event in your Country. Its a charitable Donation as part of our “COVID RELIEF FUND”, for all the Countries that suffered with their Businesses during the “Covid Lockdowns” in your Countries. This is what we do for our “LOYAL” WKF Representatives. We look after our “Loyal WKF Members”!

As soon as ALL International Borders “OPEN” for International Travel, our WKF will be rolling in a “Big Way”. To keep our Fighters, Trainers, Fans and friends safe, ALL Fighters “Must” be fully Vaccinated against Covid for the safety of everyone who you come in contact with, to save lives. A Government Certificate “Must” be produced prior to contracts signed, and also a “Negative Test” to be produced on arrival at the visiting Country Fight Venue. This is “Compulsory, NOT NEGOTIABLE”. We keep ALL our WKF Members “Safe”, and we all want to live for many years more. Praise God we all do. Let’s look after each other.

So, start getting your Gyms ready, your fighters ready, your Passports ready, as 2022 will be a HUGE YEAR for WKF Combat Sports! In 2022, we will be “LAUNCHING” a “New” Combat Sports Division for Men and Women – “MASTERS DIVISION” for +45 years old. Stay tuned!


We have “Not” any WKF China Representative in China. No Promoter, no registered fighters in China. WKF doesn’t exist in China (Home of the Coronavirus). No, there is NO WKF EVENTS in China in 2022, 2030 or any year after that. Mr Dinan Yan DOES NOT work for or represents WKF in China. He is a part of Fritz Exenberger’s Global Scam Program. BEWARE of this guy. You thought Egypt 2021 was bad. There is “No” Chinese fighters in our WKF World Rankings. So, they don’t “Exist” as far as our WKF World Head Office is concerned. How can this “Imposter” DINAN YAN possibly promote an Event? BEWARE, THIS CHINA EVENT WILL BE A REPLICA OF THE CAIRO EGYPT EVENT.

Mr Robert Wilesmith & Mr Jarkko Jussila WKF World FC Champ

Wait till you go to China?

For now, for “Any” questions regarding WKF (World Kickboxing Federation), please email us at: admin@wkf.org.au.

We are here to bring Honor, Respect, Integrity, Honesty, Loyalty to the Combat Sports World. First, we have to eliminate the Scammers and Fraudsters out of the Sport. Then, we can move forward in a positive direction and make WKF the World’s leading Combat Sports Sanctioning Body in the World. Be patient, as great things are coming! Praise God!

We ask ALL Combat Fighters around the World to tell Mr Exenberger and his SCAMMER Associates to “PISS OFF”, as you don’t want to be ripped off by this Fat, disgusting Man. He should be in Jail for the many years he has been committing Crimes. Hopefully soon, his Web of Lies will catch up to him, and the World will be “Relieved” of another Scamming Criminal! Amen!

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