Afghan Fraudster Abdul Raqib Azimi Hotaki



Beware of Afghan Fraudster Mr Abdul Raqib Azimi Hotaki!

Afghan Criminal Fraudster Mr Abdul Raqib Azimi Hotaki

We have been alerted by our WKF supporters in Afghanistan that there is a “Known” Afghanistan Criminal Fraudster “Pretending” to represent our WKF in Afghanistan. His name is Mr Abdul Raqib Azimi Hotaki – who runs a Scam Network under the name of Afghanistan Kickboxing Federation. This man and his Associates are Scamming the innocent people of Afghanistan, using our WKF name to “Smuggle” people out of Afghanistan for $5,000 US Dollars per person. This is a Crime against Humanity, committing the biggest Fraud ever. It is also committing Corporate Fraud at the highest level, not to mention scamming poor families lot’s of money to get them out of Afghanistan?

Afghan “Fake” Kickboxing Federation Scammers

Our WKF World Head Office was alerted by our “Official” WKF Afghanistan President Mr Masood Saeedi Ghooryani today, notifying us that this Fraudster Abdul Raqib Azimi Hotaki (Who hides behind a “Fake” Afghanistan Kickboxing Federation Organization.

As we go to Press, we found out that these Grubs are a part of Friedrich “Fritz” Exenberger’s Global Fake Organization. It seems apparent that FATBOY Exenberger’s strategy is to recruit the “Stupid”, the “Uneducated”, the “Poor” and the “Desperate” to join with him in his Fraud Scheme. Exenberger uses these poor, uneducated people to make “False Promises” to people, telling them that they can “Pretend” to be Fighters, get Visitor Visas to travel to one of Exenberger’s Fake Gym Tatame Mat Events, not even a real Kickboxing Event. They say they competed in a Tappy Tap Tap “Kick Light” or “Light Contact” Kickboxing (Taekwondo) Gym Event, then after the Event, these Refugees “Run Away”. In the meantime, Exenberger is charging these poor people 5,000 Euro per person. 50% goes to the Organizer (In this case, Afghan Fraudster Abdul Raqib Azimi Hotaki), the other 50% goes to one of Exenberger’s Swiss or German Bank Accounts. Remember, Exenberger won’t dare to have a Bank Account in his home Country Austria, as that would be “COMMITTING FRAUD” in his home Country. But outside his Country, he Scams other Countries. That’s how he works. But someone asked the other day “How do these poor refugees get 5,000 Euro to pay to get smuggled out of their Countries”? Well, they use whatever criminal ways to gather the monies, including criminal activities (Rob, Steal, Murder, you name it)!

“OLD FATBOY” European Fraudster Fritz Exenberger

We at WKF World Kickboxing Federation Head Office in Perth Australia are well aware of Exenberger’s criminal activities, as people complain to us, blaming us at WKF for Exenberger’s illegal activities, as he uses our WKF Trademark name as a “Front” for his Scams. In his home Country Austria, the Government there doesn’t see any of Exenberger’s Assets. He hides all his Assets in Germany and Switzerland. He pays “Hush Money” to certain high Authorities (The Hush dirty Money he obtained from poor, uneducated Refugees smuggled out of their Countries illegally). That’s how he gets away with his scams. If anyone get’s caught, he wipes his hands, says “I don’t know anything about this”! That’s the type of Grub he really is.

The people in Afghanistan has endured allot of Civil War, hardship, death, hunger at the hands of Extremists, like Afghan Fraudster Mr Abdul Raqib Azimi Hotaki (See Photo above). These Fraudsters and their Associates need to be locked away in a Jail on a cold isolated island, lock the door, throw away the key, never to see daylight again, for all the crimes they have committed. These Criminals need to be accountable for all the misery they inflict on the innocent, taking advantage of the poor, the hungry, the desperate people in their Countries. In this case, the Afghanistan Sports Ministry “Must” arrest, convict Afghan Fraudster Mr Abdul Raqib Azimi Hotaki and his helpers who are part of his Fake AKBF (Afghanistan Kickboxing Federation). Our WKF World Head Office “DO NOT” recognize Fraudster Mr Abdul Raqib Azimi Hotaki or his group of associate Criminals, defrauding the poor people of Afghanistan.

WKF Afghanistan President Mr Masood Saeedi Ghooryani

As far as good news is concerned, we at WKF “Do” have a real WKF Afghanistan President/Promoter. His name is Mr MASOOD SAEEDI GHOORYANI (See Photo). He represents our “Real” WKF Afghanistan Office, and has been since 2018. Mr Masood Saeedi Ghooryani comes from a highly experienced Martial Arts background, a very honest, humble, trustworthy man. At our WKF, we only recruit such men as Mr Masood, not Criminals. We hold our WKF Federation at a very high level with Pride, Excellence, and Educated. In the industry of Combat Sports, we only recruit such people like Mr Masood Saeedi Ghooryani, as its important that such people like this man educate the people of Afghanistan to become “Great” in their Martial Arts, their Business, be an inspiration in their lives for being better people, someone that their families can be proud of.

So, we ask ALL AFGHANISTAN to support and follow Mr Masood Saeedi Ghooryani in his quest to grow and expand our WKF World Kickboxing Federation, Boxing, MMA, Sanda/WuShu Kung Fu, WKFECS (Extreme Combat Sports) throughout all Afghanistan and Asia. He is a good man, which can be a threat to all Criminals, as he doesn’t support bad Criminals. If any Afghan fighters wish to fight on any of our WKF Global Events around the world, you need to register with our WKF through Mr Masood Saeedi Ghooryani.

Mr Masood Saeedi Ghooryani can be contacted by email at:


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