PRESS RELEASE – Meet our WKF Afghanistan President/Promoter Mr Masood Saeedi Ghooryani. Welcome!



WKF Afghanistan President and WKF International Promoter Mr MASOOD SAEEDI GHOORYANI

We at WKF “Do” have a real WKF Afghanistan licensed President/Promoter. His name is Mr MASOOD SAEEDI GHOORYANI (See Photo). He represents our “Real” WKF Afghanistan Office, and has been since 2018. Mr Masood Saeedi Ghooryani comes from a highly experienced Martial Arts background, a very honest, humble, trustworthy man. At our WKF, we only recruit such men as Mr Masood, not Criminals or Scammers that have been “Kicked Out” of other Organizations. We hold our WKF Federation at a very high level with Pride, Excellence, and Educated. In the industry of Combat Sports, we only recruit such people like Mr Masood Saeedi Ghooryani, as its important that such people like this man to educate the people of Afghanistan, work closely with The Sports Ministry of Afghanistan, to become “Great” in their Martial Arts, their Business, to be an inspiration in their lives for being better people, someone that their families can be proud of.

So, we ask ALL AFGHANISTAN to support and follow Mr Masood Saeedi Ghooryani in his quest to grow and expand our WKF World Kickboxing Federation, Boxing, MMA, Sanda/WuShu Kung Fu, WKFECS (Extreme Combat Sports) throughout all Afghanistan and Asia. He is a good man, which can be a threat to all Criminals, as he doesn’t support bad Criminals. If any Afghan fighters wish to fight on any of our WKF Global Events around the world, you need to register with our WKF through Mr Masood Saeedi Ghooryani. We look forward to Mr Masood to promote big WKF Events in Afghanistan throughout 2024. Greetings Afghanistan!

Mr Masood Saeedi Ghooryani can be contacted by email at:


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