The “True Story” on WKF CEO/President Robert Wilesmith’s IKF Pro Heavyweight World Kickboxing Title Win (24th March 2012 – Gold Coast, Australia)

the-true Story-on-wkf-president-robert-wilesmith-ikf-pro-heavyweight-world-kickboxing-title-win-24th-march-2012-gold-coast-australia

IKF Pro World Title Event (24th Feb, 2012 – Gold Coast, Australia)

Former IKF Pro World Champion Robert Wilesmith (Sydney, NSW Australia)

The “True Story” on WKF CEO/President Robert Wilesmith’s IKF Pro Heavyweight World Kickboxing Title Win, & the IKF President Steve Fossum (USA) “Shameful” Money Scam!

Skilled Park Stadium, Gold Coast QLD. 24th March 2012

There is “Honesty, Integrity” in the Sport of Kickboxing, and then there is “Greed, Deceit, Scams”. And when it comes to the name of Scams, wrongful decisions and “Poor Refereeing”, look no further than USA’s IKF (International

IKF USA Scammers Steve Fossum & Dan Stell

Kickboxing Federation) President STEVE FOSSUM and his California USA drinking Buddy Referee DAN STELL. In the many years of Combat Sports Industry, Australia has “Never” seen such “Behind the Scenes” Scams, Deception and Lies than what thousands of Aussie, Global Fans and witnesses seen on 24th March, 2012 at Skilled Park Stadium from the professionalism of USA’s FOSSUM and STELL. But let’s tell the “Full Story” what transpired with the “Dishonesty” and demize of the IKF in Australia and Oceania (Never to Return). As it says in the Bible: “THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE”. John 8:32.

Kru Master Greg Hinton, UFC World Champ Maurice Smith (USA) & Kru Master Robert Wilesmith (Sydney NSW)

Before becoming the WKF (World Kickboxing Federation) CEO/World President, Robert Wilesmith first got into training and fighting Muaythai Kickboxing under former Mentor Kru Master Greg Hinton and Kru Les Smith and the WKA back in 1991 during the “Off Seasons” of Wilesmith’s Pro Rugby League Career in Sydney NSW. Wilesmith reached Kru Master Muaythai Trainer in 1992. It helped fulfill the void during

Kru Master Wilesmith (Australia) & Kru Master Les Smith (England

the “Off Seasons” of Wilesmith’s Football Career, as he always loved Contact Sports. In 1994, Wilesmith “Left” the WKA, as there was too much “Politics” and “Inflated Ego’s”in the

Kru Wilesmith, UTC & IKF World Champ Duke Roufus (USA) & UTC President Dwight Brown (Sydney, NSW)

Australian WKF. Along comes ISKA. Wilesmith was approached to become part of the NSW State ISKA Board of Directors. Wilesmith was promoting some of the “Biggest” ISKA Pro Title Events in Sydney, Australia in 1994, inviting New Zealand, USA, Russia, Thailand, Samoa, Europe and African Fighters. Then, after witnessing the “Greed” and “Deceit” of Monies from the ISKA

Kru Master Rob Wilesmith & Duke Roufus in 1996 (Sydney Australia)

Australia Head Office in Melbourne Victoria by the “Then” ISKA Australia President Dr Peter Lewis, it was evident that the “Local Sanctioning Bodies” where only looking out for themselves, not working together as “ONE TEAM”. Then along comes “Ex” ISKA World Director Dwight Brown, who left ISKA in Canada back in 1996, starting up a new Sanctioning Body UTC (Unified Titles Commission), and asked Wilesmith to become the UTC Australia/Oceania President and Promote a UTC Pro World Title Event in 1996, featuring Jeff “Duke” Roufus (USA) Vs Mitch “Mandingo” O’Hello (Australia) in Sydney, with Roufus (USA) winning the Title. Brown was simply just looking for “Free” Overseas Trips, not promoting the Sport of Kickboxing. We “Never” got any “Return Fight Deals from Brown, “NEVER” heard from him again.

Robert Wilesmith, Marcus Mangan & Don “Dragon” Wilson (Sydney) 1997

In 1997, WKO World President Phil Mayo approached Wilesmith many fights Overseas, including Hollywood Movie Star, Martial Arts Legend & USA World Cruiserweight Champion DON “The Dragon” WILSON, in return for WKO Fights being fought in Australia, bringing out Teams from England and France. We “Never” got the Return Fights. In early 1998, Mayo “Disappeared” off the face of the Earth, with Wilesmith wondering “Who” is a World Credible Sanctioning Body?

Kru Robert Wilesmith & 3 x IKF Pro World Champ Ali Hallak (Australia)

In 1997, IKF (International Kickboxing Federation) World President STEVE FOSSUM contacted Kru Robert Wilesmith to be his IKF Australia and South Pacific President, as Fossum was desperate to get a IKF Representative in Australia. Fossum made “Lot’s of Promises” to Wilesmith and all Australia fighters to fight on International Events for IKF Titles, as long as Wilesmith promoted IKF International Titles on his Events in Sydney Australia. Wilesmith stepped up, “Walked the Walk”, brought out a Team of Pro Fighters from South Africa to fight for World Titles against Australia’s “Best” fighters ALI “Lightning” HALLAK and HOLLY “Wild Cat” FERNLEY. Fossum “Always” requested Plane Tickets, 5 Star Hotel, all Meals, Transport and Sanctioning Fees, and Wilesmith “Always” delivered. The deal with South Africa was a “Promised” RETURN FIGHT DEAL, but NEVER HAPPENED. Both Hallak and Fernley won both their IKF Pro World Titles, but “No” return fight for them in South Africa. These were warning signs for Wilesmith with Fossum making “False Promises”. Fossum would always say “Next Deal will happen, don’ worry”! It “Never” did. Hallak and Fernley went on to become the “Greatest” IKF World Champions!

Ali Hallack NSW Australia) & Billy Saul (England) Photo in Sydney NSW 2001 with the IKF World Title Belt Billy Saul “Never” returned to Hallak.

Our IKF Australia/South Pacific Office supplied, paid for 5 Overseas flights to Sydney and Gold Coast Australia, with 5 Star Accomodation, all expenses for IKF World President Fossum. Fossum “NEVER” paid for “Any” RETURN FIGHT DEALS anywhere in the World. In 2000, IKF Australia Promoter Wilesmith promoted “AUSTRALIA Vs ENGLAND”, bringing over 2 Pro fighters + Trainer + Fossum from USA (All expenses paid). When England fighters BILLY SAUL and SARAH RYAN were flown with their Trainer by Wilesmith to Sydney to fight both Hallak and Fernley, when they arrived, they “Ran Off”, too scared to fight the Australian Fighters. Wilesmith “Paid” Fossum the Sanctioning Fees for the Titles and Belts, but “Never” got a refund. Instead, he would say there would be a “Return Fight” in England. THE IKF TITLE FIGHTS NEVER HAPPENED IN ENGLAND. Alarm bells were ringing about the credibility of Fossum and his integrity. We in Australia wanted to believe him, but he just kept spinning “B_llshit” all the time. We call people like this a “Used Car Saleman”.

Robert Wilesmith, Grant Barker & Duke Roufus (USA) 19 March 1999 in Milwaukee, USA

Jeff “Duke” Roufus “Is” a man of Honor. Because we brought both him and his fighters to Sydney Australia 2 times (1996 and 2000), Roufus brought Kiwi and Aussie Fighters HIRIWA Te RANGI, GRANT “Bomber” BARKER and MARCUS “Mad Dog” MANGAN to Milwaukee USA for Title Fights in 1998 and 1999. Let’s make something very clear – STEVE FOSSUM NEVER PAID FOR ANY RETURN FIGHTS. HE COLLECTED MONIES INSTEAD. Wilesmith promoted Ali “Lightning” Hallack for his 3rd IKF Pro World Muaythai Kickboxing Title, defeating USA’s ALBERTO RAMIREZ, whilst Holly “Wildcat” Fernley (Australia) knocked Out a New Zealand Fighter in the 1st Round for her 3rd IKF Pro World Title. Fossum “NEVER” invited the greatest IKF Female World Champion fighter Fernley ever to the USA or any other IKF Event anywhere in the World.

IKF Referee’s Course March 2010 – Brisbane QLD

IKF Referee’s Course March 2010 – Brisbane QLD

In 2010, Robert Wilesmith gave Steve Fossum “One Last Chance” to redeem himself, to organize “Something” for our Aussie fighters to fight Overseas. Wilesmith once again flew Fossum over to Brisbane QLD Australia in early 2010, to run a IKF Referee Certified Course – All expenses paid – AGAIN. When Fossum came out, he ran the Course (With the assistance of Wilesmith). Fossum “NEVER” brought out any IKF Certificates – “NONE” with him from IKF World Head Office, Newcastle California USA. Wilesmith felt so embarrassed for all the participants, some 20 of them in total, some participants flying up from Sydney to Brisbane to attend. Fossum “Promised” as soon as he got back to IKF World Head Office, he would send out the IKF Certified Referee Course Certificates, that the Participants paid $100 each to take part in the Course. It is now 2020, yet you ask “ANY” of the Participants, “NONE OF THEM” received anything from Fossum – except Excuses.

IKF Referee’s Course March 2010 Brisbane QLD

One of the Participants JOHN DAVIDSON, passed away in 2011 – without ever receiving his IKF Referee Certificate. EacH of the Participants continued over the next 4 years to collect their IKF Referee Certificates, but Fossum was reported saying to them – “You need to each PAY for the postage of the Certificates”? ARE YOU FOR REAL STEVE FOSSUM? Please give the Participants their IKF Referee Certificates, or pay back their Money TODAY!!! R.I.P. John “Davo” Davidson.




Robert Wilesmith (Australia) Vs Mike Sheppard (USA)

IKF Pro World Title Event (24th Feb, 2012 – Gold Coast, Australia)

IKF World Title Gold Coast QLD Newspaper 22nd March, 2012

(Gold Coast, QLD Australia)

Robert Wilesmith was looking for redemption with USA, after being “Ripped Off” by an Ex Partner of his who was from Sheridan, Wyoming USA. The only way Wilesmith could get some sort of “Revenge” back on the USA, was to challenge the current “BEST” Pro Heavyweight Kickboxer. In late 2011, Mike Sheppard (West Virginia) name popped up. He was an “Unknown” throughout Australia, but Wilesmith didn’t want any easy fight, to shut up any Critics in the industry – which there are many! The fight was originally scheduled for late 2011, but through a Training “Mishap”, Wilesmith ruptured his (R) Bicep Tendon, which could be a “Career Ending” injury. But Wilesmith “Never” gave up. He was scheduled to train in a Jakarta Indonesia Training Camp the week after the Injury mishap, and he still went to train, with his right arm strapped to the side of his Body. In the lead up to the “Rescheduled Date” of 24th March 2012 at SKILLED PARK STADIUM, GOLD COAST AUSTRALIA.

Robert Wilesmith with Stretch Limo (Gold Coast, Australia) 2012

Leading up to the IKF World Heavyweight Title Event, IKF World President Steve Fossum was “Very Demanding”, asking for everything, taking advantage of the “Desperate” Wilesmith “Trying” to get fit for his “Last” fight of his Professional Fight Career. Fossum was asking for 5 Star Hotel Accommodation, ALL Western type meals, a flight from Newcastle California to San Francisco Airport (Which is a 1 1/2 Hour drive), and ALL IKF Title Fees “Up Front” on Arrival (At the Airport).Furthermore, Fossum “Demanded” his long time friend DAN STELL (California USA) expenses to be paid in FULL for him too to be the Official Referee for the “Main Event”. A “USA” Judge (Fossum), a “USA” Referee (Stell), and a “USA” Fight Opponent (Mike Sheppard). Fossum was going all out to make things hard for Wilesmith to not win the IKF Title fight.

5 Star Focus Apartment (Gold Coast, Australia)

As Wilesmith was in Fight Camp in Brisbane QLD, not needing any distractions for his World Title fight, Fossum did all that he could to “distract” Wilesmith as best as he could. Wilesmith organized a “Stretch Hummer Limousine” for “Pick Up” and “Drop Off” too and from the Airport to the Hotel, the “Weigh In” Venue and the Stadium. He was upset,

5 Star Focus Apartments – Surfers Paradise Beach, QLD Australia

as there was no food in the Limousine, only Drinks. The Car ride was 1 Hour drive from Brisbane Airport to the Hotel in Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast. When Fossum and Stell arrived at the lovely 5 Star Focus Apartments, they both were booked in the same large room. Fossum “DEMANDED” a Beach View, a separate room to Stell – it was ridiculous. It cost Aussie Fighter Robert Wilesmith an “Extra” $250 per room, per night (3 Nights = $1,500). What could Wilesmith do? Fossum had the power to “Not” let the Title Fight to

Official Press Conference IKF Pro World Title 2012

happen, take the Belts back to California USA. Wilesmith was focused on his Title Fight, not letting anyone upset his preparation.

When the “Official” Weigh-Ins took place, all the Press was there, fantastic Club Venue (The Titanium Bar, Surfers Paradise). But Fossum made the whole Press Conference all about “Him” and his IKF. He was “Centre Stage”, dominated the Press Conference and Weigh Ins. Just to keep Fossum happy, Aussie

Face Off Photo Sheppard Vs Wilesmith 23 March 2012

Fighter Robert Wilesmith weighed in 1 Kilo lighter at 96.5kg, just so there would be no more crap from the IKF. Wilesmith had the “Best” Corner to assist him for his Title fight. He had Grant

Skilled Park Stadium Gold Coast Australia

“Bomber” Barker (Former WKA World Champ). There were fighters from all around the World fighting on the Show, including Finland, New Zealand and from the East Coast of Australia. Great Action Packed Event, a HUGE Venue. What could go wrong?

The Show was progressing well, all the fights were on time. Then just when Aussie fighter Wilesmith was about to walk out to fight, Fossum comes in to the Dressing Room, asking for more money, and complaining that he wasn’t getting fed the luxury food that the VIP Tables and Sponsors were getting. Wilesmith told Fossum to “F_uck Off” with his crap,

Rebel FM Radio Brisbane QLD

as he just wanted to focus on his Title Fight. But Fossum wasn’t going to give up. As Wilesmith had his Gloves on, in his fight gear, personal belongings packed away in a Locker, he had to ask one of the

Rob Wilesmith (Australia) forced by IKF Referee Dan Stell to fight on with a Split Head Vs Mike Sheppard (USA)

Cornerman to give Fossum $100 to shut him up. This really upset Wilesmith, but this was probably the plan Fossum had all along. “LET’S FIGHT” Wilesmith Screamed! The fight was televised on Pay Per View on the Internet, as well as BRIS 31 TV and REBEL FM Radio.

In the 1st Round, Wilesmith dominated with the Jabs and leg kicks. 2 Judges scored the 1st Round 10-9 Wilesmith. Fossum scored on his card 10-9 Sheppard (USA). Whilst the fighters were in their Corners, Sheppard’s Trainer LEON RAMSEY told Sheppard to “Sneak” a Head Butt in on Wilesmith, then immediately “Distract” the USA Referee. At the moment the Head Butt happened, as the adrenaline was pumping through both

Rob Wilesmith (Australia) forced to fight on with a Split Head Vs Mike Sheppard (USA)

fighters, Wilesmith did question the USA Referee STELL, but he ordered that the fight must continue. About 10 seconds later, a HUGE amount of Blood was streaming from Wilesmith’s head, a hole big enough to fit 3 fingers in. Referee Stell was yelled at by the Crowd, Wilesmith’s Corner, as the whole world that were watching the Event, “Seen” the Headbutt clearly – all except USA Referee Dan Stell and Head Judge USA’s Steve Fossum. It

Robert Wilesmith (Australia) left bleeding from an illegal Headbutt by Mike Sheppard (USA)

was a bloody disgrace! In the 3rd Round, HUGE amounts of Blood was coming out of Wilesmith’s head. It was obvious that USA Referee Dan Stell had no control, no idea on what he was doing. Stell “Stopped” the fight in 1min 20 seconds in the 3rd Round, as Blood was pouring out all over the ring, on “Live TV”. Referee Stell awarded the Title to Sheppard. Immediately, Wilesmith, his Corner and all Fans that attended were demanding a “Disqualification”, and the Title awarded to Wilesmith, as “Headbutting” is “Banned” from the Ring. IKF Fossum was asking for a $1,000US Fee from Wilesmith’s Corner, if they wanted to protest the Decision. WHAT A SCAM? The Crowd was screaming abuse at the Referee, who quickly gave the IKF Title Belt to USA Sheppard, before running into the Dressing Room with Head Judge Steve Fossum. Wilesmith was applauded when he left the ring, walked back to the dressing room to see the Doctor. He received 10 Staples to close the wound. When Wilesmith was all cleaned up from all the Bleeding, he went looking for Fossum and Stell. It was reported that they got in a Cab, headed straight to Brisbane Airport to catch the “1st” flight back to San Fransisco USA. Both Stell and Fossum had allot to answer to. In all the years of Kickboxing, all who witnessed the Sheppard “Illegal Headbutt” on Australia’s Wilesmith, they walked away from the Event very disgruntled. Wilesmith remained “Positive”, went to the “After Party” at The Titanium Bar to relax, eat and drink with all the fighters and fans of the Event. Noticeably, there was “No” Fossum or Stell.

Chrissy Sheppard SMS Text Message admitting to Mike Sheppard’s Infadelity, Wife Bashing & Steroid Abuse 2012

At the “After Party’, all who attended were having a great time, letting their hear down. It was a great night, enjoyed by all. One of Wilesmith’s female Amateir Fighters was noticeably ushered into the Venue’s Toilets personally by USA fighter Mike Sheppard, witnessed by all who were in the VIP Lounge section. They both were in the Toilet for quite some time. When they both eventually came out from the Toilet, it was evident that something “Unusual” went on in there, as the young 21 year old girl was trying to fix up her clothes and straightening up her hair. Sheppard appeared “Unfazed”, went straight to the Bar and grabbed another drink. In the early hours of the morning, Sheppard left with the Girl back to the Hotel. The following morning, both Sheppard, his Trainer Ramsey and the Girl were not seen anywhere. As Host/Promoter of all the International Fighters, it was Wilesmith’s responsibility to entertain and show all the Guests

Chrissy Sheppard SMS Text Message admitting to Mike Sheppard’s Infadelity, Wife Bashing & Steroid Abuse 2012

around the Gold Coast. Mike Sheppard’s Wife Chrissy Sheppard (West Virginia. USA) was worried that Mike was “Not” answering his phone in Australia since he arrived for the Title fight, which was unusual behavior. It got to the point where there was allot of messages, phone calls from Sheppard’s wife, frantically trying to find out where her Husband was? Everyone knew where and who he was with, but nobody wanted to say anything. Eventually it was explained to the Wife what happened on the night with the “Illegal Headbutt”, Fossum and Stell taking off to the Airport to escape the Australian Crowd’s abuse.

Chrissy Sheppard SMS Text Message admitting to Mike Sheppard’s Infadelity, Wife Bashing & Steroid Abuse 2012

Over the following weeks, Mike Sheppard’s wife “Opened Up” with her Husband’s past, the infidelity, the Steroid taking (Leading up to the Title Fight), etc. Wilesmith has copies of all the messages and photos of Sheppard’s use of Steroids directly by his Wife in the USA. Everything was sent to the IKF World Head Office, an “Official” Protest was sent (Without the $1,000US asking price from Fossum). After about a week after the IKF World Title Fight, eventually Steve Fossum answered his phone, trying to justify his “Early Departure” from the fight Venue back in Australia. He said he had to get back to California for another IKF Event, but when checking the IKF Website, there was no Events

Chrissy Sheppard SMS Text Message admitting to Mike Sheppard’s Infadelity, Wife Bashing & Steroid Abuse 2012

booked in California on a Monday or a Tuesday. Wilesmith verbally abused Fossum’s lack of Professionalism, taking off, not dealing with his responsibilities as the IKF World President. A copy of the Fight was sent directly to Steve Fossum “Free”, for him to witness, see what all the controversy was? The Australian Fans were disgusted with Sheppard’s “Illegal” Headbutt. Robert Wilesmith sent a “Letter of Resignation” to Steve Fossum on 1st April 2012, never to work with or support the IKF ever again. The question that everyone wanted to know was “DOES THE IKF ALLOW ILLEGAL HEADBUTTS AND STEROID TAKING OF ITS FIGHTERS”?


Over the coming 2 years, with relentless phone calls, emails, a barrage of people attacking Fossum, one day out of the blue, he called Wilesmith on his Mobile phone. Little did Fossum know, Wilesmith had a car full of people listening to the “Hands Free” call. Fossum was very nice, courteous in his phone manner, very unusual phone manner to the previous 2 years with Wilesmith. Fossum “Apologized” for his previous behavior, him allowing the Headbutt to go “Unquestioned”. His IKF Head Office lost allot of Credibility Globally, not to mention the IKF has all but “Shut Down” in all Australia and all 28 Oceania Countries. Fossum was in “Damage Control”, telling Wilesmith that he “Disqualified” Mike Sheppard for the Title, and awarded the IKF Pro World Heavyweight Title to Robert Wilesmith (2 Years after the fight). When Fossum was asked “When” he was going to send the IKF Title Belt to Australia, Fossum replied: “When I gets a chance”. Fossum then asked for “Shipping Costs” for the Belt. “Unbelievable”! This is typical behavior of Fossum – A “Used Car Salesman that “NEVER” fought in the Ring or Octagon, only on Tatame Mats as an Amateur Karate Tournament. How can this guy “EVER” be involved in Professional Kickboxing or MMA of any kind, when all he’s done is Break Boards, Bow allot and does Tappy Tap Tap Martial Arts? He’s “NEVER” trained any Top Class Fighters – EVER!

No wonder nobody around the world wants to deal with Fossum or IKF anymore. YES, he is liked in the Points Karate and Tappy Tap Tap Martial Arts community in the USA, but he’s lost ALL respect by all who are in the know in the Kickboxing/MMA World of Combat Sports and the Octagon. Its very sad to see, but at least what’s done is done. Wilesmith has the IKF Pro World Title Belt in his house, and although he is embarrassed by the way in winning it from “Disqualification”, due to the Illegal Headbutt, PROOF of Sheppard taking Sports Enhancement Drugs, we all do “NOT” feel sorry for Sheppard. He is a COWARD, a DRUG TAKER, and we hope that his Ex Wife Chrissy finds peace in kicking his sorry Ass out of her House in West Virginia USA.

IKF PRO WORLD FEATHERWEIGHT KICKBOXING CHAMP ALI “Lightning” HALLAK (Australia) presented his 2000 Belt – in 2019!

IKF Pro Heavyweight Champ Robert Wilesmith & IKF Pro World Featherweight Champ Ali Hallak (NSW Australia)

IKF World President STEVE FOSSUM is trying to change his mind “AGAIN”. We all think he doesn’t know if he’s a Man or Woman? He has “Awarded” the Title Belt to Wilesmith. The rest is History. ALI “Lightning” HALLAK (Sydney Australia) only just got his IKF Pro World Featherweight Kickboxing Title Belt from the 2000 Fiasco in 2019. Congratulations “LIGHTNING”! Where does the IKF go from here in Australia? NOWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The “Last” conversation I had with Fossum was that he was totally embarrassed by what both he and Referee Dan Stell did to Robert Wilesmith’s Title fight, but that he was looking for a way to make all the controversy “Disappear”. Robert said to Fossum that what he did and how he did it was an injustice, a “Black Eye” to the sport of Kickboxing. Fossum’s reply was he was trying to blame everyone else, saying it wasn’t his fault or the IKF. Well, Robert said to him “God will punish you, strike you down for the injustice you did. Karma will strike you”!

LATEST REPORT: On 3rd October 2022, IKF President Steve Fossum “Passed Away” in the USA from a brain Aneurysm.
Our condolences to his family!


IKF Pro World Heavyweight Champion ROBERT WILESMITH (NSW, Australia)











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