Welcome to our “New” WKF Morocco President Mr Yassine Hamouda to the WKF (World Kickboxing Federation) Family in 2020


WKF Morocco President/Promoter Mr Yassine Hamouda

Welcome to our “New” WKF MOROCCO President/Promoter Mr YASSINE HAMOUDA to the WKF (World Kickboxing Federation) Family in 2020!

WKF (World Kickboxing Federation) Head Office are proud to announce our “Latest” WKF Country Representative and Promoter in North Africa, Mr YASSINE HAMOUDA.

Samir “The Snake” Sakhi Pro World (62.3kg) Super Lightweight K1 Champion (Morocco)

Mr Hamouda comes to the WKF with a wealth of experience in Kickboxing and MMA, well respected by his Peers in Casablanca, Morocco. His knowledge of the industry, his energy and his business style in doing things is nothing short than “Unbelievable”. He trains many fighters, and with Mr Hamouda joining the WKF as Morocco’s President, this will “Open” up many opportunities for the Moroccan fighters.

Jaouad El Haimer (Morocco)

Morocco has “Many” fighters, both Amateur and Pro, very tough fighters. Morocco is also the home of “Current” WKF Pro World Super Lightweight K1 Kickboxing Champion SAMIR “The Snake” SAKHI and Pro Heavyweight K1 and MMA fighter JAOUAD “The Hammer” EL MAIMER – Both very highly respected Professional fighters, with both fighters fought on WKF Australia Events in Sydney NSW in the past. Both Samir and Jaouad are just “Two” of the many “Thousands” of Amateur and Pro fighters Morocco has, and Morocco has allot more of them.

With the current COVID-19 affecting the World, we are “Hopeful” that in late 2020, Mr Hamouda will promote and showcase Morocco’s “Biggest” and “Best” fighters, as they take on the World in Morocco, and Morocco fighters getting the chance to fight on our WKF World Events globally. WKF World CEO/President Mr Robert Wilesmith is proud and honored to present Mr Hamouda the “New” position of WKF Morocco President and Promoter. So, for ALL Moroccan fighters (Amateur and Pro) who wish to register and fight on WKF Morocco and Overseas Fight Events, please contact Mr Yassine Hamouda (WKF Morocco President/Promoter), as he will be planning “BIG THINGS” in 2020/2021.


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