WKF ASIA IS GROWING “HUGE” IN 2023/2024, Welcome Afghanistan, Syria, Indonesia and Iran to WKF!


On behalf of WKF World Head Office, we would like to welcome AFGHANISTAN. CHINA, INDONESIA, IRAN, SYRIA to our WKF Asia and World Family. It’s been difficult to find the right people to represent our WKF in ALL these Asian Countries, but “NOW” we have found the “Best” experienced people. Already we have WKF Representatives in Afghanistan, Indonesia, Iran and Syria in 2023/2024, we are “Opening Up the Doors” for ALL Asia to join us.


Mr Ali Fathiarateh – WKF Iran President and International Promoter

Let me introduce you all to our “New” WKF IRAN PRESIDENT and WKF LICENSED PROMOTER Mr ALI FATHIARATEH. Mr Ali comes with a “Huge” Fighting, Coaching and Promoting background, far more than anyone else in all Iran. He was a Professional MMA Bantamweight Iran & Asian Champion, with the fight name “The Persian Monster”! That name alone would scare anyone throughout all Asia. Also, he has been a regular Sanda/WuShu, Kickboxing, MMA Trainer for over 28 years.

Mr Ali is also educated in Iran University in Physical Education, very smart in Physical Fitness. He has fought, trained all over Asia and the Middle East, trained the best, fought the best. He is the Combat Sports Legend of all Iran. Martial Arts is his passion, his life, and all his experiences that he has learned and mastered, he wishes to share to ALL fighters throughout all Iran and all Asia. He plans to “Never Stop” what he loves doing – Training and Promoting the “Elite” fighters. He has also worked with some of Iran’s Olympic athletes, which is a huge honor. Nobody in all Iran has more of a distinguished career than Mr Ali. Now, he wants to take his career to the “Next Level”, using all those years of experience fighting as an athlete and Coaching beginners, turning them into the very best that Iran has, his dream is to be remembered as the “Best” Combat Sports Coach and Promoter Iran has ever seen. Get ready Iran, because Mr Ali has “Huge” plans for you, promoting the BIGGEST WKF Title Events throughout all Iran and all Asia. Make sure you all support Mr Ali Fathiarateh, as his dream is your dreams – to be the BEST in the whole world.

Ali Fathiarateh Pro MMA Iran Champion Fighter 2014

Mr Ali Fathiarateh Pro MMA Iran Champion Fighter

Ali Fathiarateh Pro MMA Iran Trainer of Champions

Iran “Fat Boy Fraudster” Mr Amir Mosadegh

Mr Ali will “Clean Out” any and ALL corruption in Iran, with “Known” Iranian Criminal Fraudster Mr Amir Mosadegh, who has been falsely using our WKF name and Trademark Logo without our written permission. He claims to be the WKF World MMA President, but in the “Real World”, he is only a Master of his Toilet in his bedroom. Mr Mosadegh was “KICKED OUT” by our WKF World Head Office (Perth, Australia) back on 1st September, 2016 (8 years ago). The little “Fat Boy” has been scamming Iranian and Asian Fighters for many years, and it’s time the Iranian Law finally catch up with him, arrest him and put him in Jail for Fraud. In the meantime, Mr Ali Fathiarateh will bring Honor, Integrity, Trust and Honesty to all Iran, promoting WKF World Kickboxing Federation, MMA, Boxing, Sanda/WuShu, WKFECS Extreme Combat Sports and All Forms Traditional Styles Martial Arts.

In the meantime, 2023 and 2024 will be “Huge” years for WKF IRAN, with many WKF Kickboxing and MMA Events throughout Iran and ALL Asia. We “WELCOME” Mr ALI FATHIARATEH to our WKF Asia & World Family.



Robert Wilesmith (Australia) Vs Mike Sheppard Fight 24th March 2012

Mr Wilesmith fought and won the IKF Pro World Heavyweight Kickboxing Title Vs Mike Sheppard (USA) by disqualification due to Headbutt by Sheppard.

Mr Wilesmith studied Sports Education/Sports Science Bachelor Degree at ACPE University (Sydney, NSW), as well as Applied Science Masters Post Graduate Degree at University of Queensland (Australia). So, why the jealousy? Mr Wilesmith had a successful Amateur and Professional Muaythai Kickboxing Career, it must keep them up late at night thinking about how they can try to humiliate Mr Wilesmith, when he has done it all.

Mr Robert WIlesmith – WKF World CEO & WKF World President

The WKF (World Kickboxing Federation) OWNER is Mr ROBERT WILESMITH – CEO/WORLD PRESIDENT & CHAIRMAN. The WKF is the “Biggest” and most “Reputable” Kickboxing, MMA and Martial Arts Sanctioning Bodies in the world today. But what is behind the scenes, the “Truth” is not told, with “Backyard Deals”, “Fake” Representatives, “Fraud” and “Titles Stripped” for no reason other than “Personal gain” and “Money Deals”, led by renowned Global Fraudster FRITZ EXENBERGER. But “What is the REAL TRUTH” of the WKF globally? Who really owns the “Registered” companies, the “Rights”, the “Copyrights”, the “WKF Name” throughout the world? Let’s look at the “FACTS” and let the world know the “TRUTH”:

(World Kickboxing Federation Limited) Company:

In 1976, Howard Hanson, a Shorin Ryu Karate black belt and student of Mike Stone, created his own group, WKA (WORLD KICKBOXING ASSOCIATION). At first the group had many successes and achievements, it even developed its regulations on low kicks in the sport. It gave way to champions like Fred Royers, Ronnie Green and Rob Kaman. Later in 1991 when WKA was sold to Canadian Dale Floyd, the group saw a gradual disintegration in its activity of EVENTS. At the time when Paul Ingram (England) took control of the Association and established it’s new headquarters in the United Kingdom, some important members began to leave, although it was seen as the second most important Professional Sanctioning Association for Kickboxing Internationally.

On July 16th 1986, ISKA was formed as a result of the many legal problems PKA was facing. The International Sports Kickboxing Association was founded by 5 promoters and PKA executives who had united to form this new association. the promoters were; Tony Thompson, John Worley, Karyn Turner, Mike Sawyer and Scott Coker. The associations glowing success attracted many of the remaining PKA members, who soon joined ISKA’s growing success. A major boost to the association’s success was the broadcasting of many of its championships on EPSN television network. In more recent years the association has been headed by Olivier Muller, who didn’t stay in power for long. ISKA was soon returned to the American promoters – headed by Mike Sawyer (USA).

In August 2000 the WKF’s official website was launched, under the direction of its President Talal Takkoush. This gave a great boost to WKF as it meant that it became internationally recognized and it also gave instant news updates about the latest Kickboxing events taking place worldwide. The website is full of information about WKF, Rules and Ratings, plus all you would want to know about Kickboxing. WKF’s main aim was and always will be to enjoy the Sport of Kickboxing as an international sport, without discrimination over nationality, race or ethnic origin. The WKF committee strongly believed in and uphold an Equal Rights Policy with all its members and those who wish to participate in it. With such a policy we here, at WKF wish to create a friendly and welcoming environment for everyone to enjoy the sport of KICKBOXING.

“Fat” European Fraudster Criminal Mr Fritz Exenberger

Then comes along the biggest “Global Money Scammer” in the History of Kickboxing and Martial Arts Mr FRITZ EXENBERGER (Vienna, Austria). Now, Mr Exenberger (Picture Left) will tell you that the (WKF) World Kickboxing Federation was founded in the USA in 1963, yet he was working for ISKA Europe in 2008-2010. He then decided after getting “Kicked Out” of the WKA back in the 1990’s and the ISKA in February 2010, he was “Not” wanted by any other Sanctioning Body due to his reputation of “Money Scamming”. So, he decided to became his own C.E.O. World Director of his “Fantasy World” with his “FAKE” business WKF in Austria. Exenberger claiming that he started the WKF or “Owning” the WKF is about as real as the “MARTIAN’S” going to attack Earth. This is far from the “Truth”.

The WKF was really established in London, England in February 1987 by its founder President Mr Talal Takkoush. He boasts a great deal of knowledge and experience in the sport of Kickboxing, is highly qualified having gained many certificates and awards from various awarding bodies. In March 1987 the High Committee of the WKF was formed as the very first structure to the Federation. It consisted of Mr Talal Takkoush (President in UK), Alan Smith (1st Vice President in UK), Ross Hug (2nd Vice President in Switzerland), Freddy Esker (General Secretary in Australia – Resigned), Mary Taylor (Executive Secretary), Mike Walker (Treasurer in USA), Pierre Dupont (Legal Counselor). But Mr Takkoush, due to other work commitments “Resigned” as WKF World President, didn’t “Renew” his Company Registration.

IKF USA Scammers Steve Fossum & Dan Stell

After being the IKF – International Kickboxing Feseration South Pacific Representative from 1st July 1997 – 25th March 2012, seeing the way the IKF was run and watching IKF President Steve Fossum mismanage and tried getting “Free” Travel around the World like a “Used Car Salesman”, Robert Wilesmith “Resigned” from the IKF effective “Immediately”, and the IKF “Died” a slow death for all Countries of the South Pacific Region. Since March 24th 2012, Steve Fossum and his Scamming IKF has “Not” been seen or heard of outside of USA since then, to the present day. Rumor has it Mr Fossum “Passed Away” in late 2022 from Pulmonary Embolism.

ROBERT WILESMITH (Former IKF World Champion). Current WKF World CEO/President

Mr Robert Wilesmith then took a year off  in late March 2012 from Kickboxing and Combat Sports, after the Controversial “Head But” that IKF World President Steve Fossum and his personal friend from the USA Head Referee Dan Stell “tried” to “allow” for the IKF Pro World Heavyweight Title back on 24th March 2012 in Gold Coast, Queensland Australia. THERE IS “NO HEADBUTTING IN KICKBOXING OR COMBAT SPORTS”, but with Scammer IKF Steve Fossum’s Rules, apparently they are “Allowed”, when he tried to allow USA Fighter Mike Sheppard Headbutt Robert Wilesmith, causing the fight to prematurely “Stop” in the 3rd Round from excessive blood from a large “Open” cut on top of Wilesmith’s head. IKF Steve Fossum these days has thousands of excuses and lies to tell about this incident, but at the end of the day, a “Headbutt” is a “Headbutt”, and he tried to allow USA Heavyweight Fighter Mike Sheppard get away with it. In Australia, Headbutting isn’t allowed in the Professional Ring or Octagon Cage. But then again, Steve Fossum has “Never” had a “Real Fight” in any Kickboxing Ring or MMA Cage. He’s only competed in the Tappy Tap Tap Tatame Mats Points Events as an adolescent “Kick-Light” and “Light-Contact”. He graduated to become a Karate Teacher by “Self Promotion”, and good luck to him for that. But as far as when it comes to Muatthai, K1, Full-Contact Kickboxing and MMA, he has “NEVER” fought any fights or trained or studied to become a Trainer. Karate Training doesn’t automatically make you a Kru Master Muaythai Kickboxing Trainer or a BJJ Trainer. Steve Fossum grew up as a Used Car Salesman, a “Self Conman”, then found the opportunity to grow into Karate, then the eventual Conman you see or read about at Tatame Mats Karate Tournaments in the USA. But he will “Never” venture back down to Australia or any Southern Hemisphere Countries, as his “B.S.” is not welcomed. He would “Never” pay for his own plane ticket either, as that costs money for him. He only likes to spend other people’s money, not his own. In Australia, we call that type of person a “Tight Ass”!

On 1st March 2013, a guy from Vienna Austria called Friedrich “Fritz” Exenberger called Mr Robert Wilesmith in Sydney, Australia offering him the position as WKF Australia and Oceania President Position. At that time, I was ready to get back into the Kickboxing and MMA industry, so I took on the Position, not knowing at the time Exenberger “NEVER” owned the WKF. Mr Wilesmith took his Pron fighters to Papua New Guinea for a WKF World Title Event on 1st June 2013, which the then WKF PNG Promoter Stanley Nandex left ALL the International Guests and fighters “Stranded” at the Hotel with no transport to get to the Airport to catch their respected flights back to their Countries of Origin. As Mr Wilesmith’s fighters were winning WKF Titles, there were “Many” promises of “Return Fight Deals” made by Exenberger and his fellow Promoters around the World, but “Nothing” ever happened. This went on for the next 15 Months – Fake Promises, Overseas fighters scared to fight Mr Wilesmith’s fighters for fear of losing. So in Prague, Czech Republic on 28th February 2014, by “Unanimous Votes”, Mr Robert Wilesmith was elected “General Secretary” (2nd in Charge) of the WKF World Head Office by ALL the WKF Continental President Board Members. As Mr Wilesmith left Prague after the meeting there, things were “Not” adding up right. Allot of Exenberger’s Associates were “Old, Fat” Men who didn’t look like any Kickboxing or MMA Professionals. Instead, they smoked allot, drank alcohol allot, ate allot of Fatty foods. This was not good representation of the WKF Brand. Mr Wilesmith felt something was “Not” right, so once he got back to Sydney Australia, Mr Wilesmith did allot of investigating around the world to find out the “Real Truth” about Fritz Exenberger, his Associates, and the validity of the WKF – World Kickboxing Federation. “Knowing” that Mr Exenberger was “Lying” allot to Mr Wilesmith about false Events, it was very important to keep Mr Wilesmith on Board with the WKF, for fear of losing the most “Powerful” Kickboxing and Combat Sports Promoter and Trainer.

After further Global investigations about the “Rightful Owner” of the WKF, there was all the evidence that Mr Talal Takkoush in England “Owned” the WKF, not Fritz Exenberger. Also through allot of further investigations, Mr Wilesmith found out that Exenberger “Lied” to the whole world that he owned the WKF, as he “Never” owned the Company WKF or the Trademark. Investigating further, after speaking personally to Mr Talal Takkoush in England, he offered Mr Wilesmith to take over his “Rightfully Owned WKF” position as WKF World CEO/President. So, on 5th September 2014, the WKF took on a whole new turn for the better with Mr Robert Wilesmith registering WKF (World Kickboxing Federation LTD). LTD (Limited) is the same as a Company (PTY LTD Propriety Limited) in Business. Anyone knows this!

Mr Wilesmith acted “Secretly” as if Mr Exenberger was the WKF World President, to find out all the information about ALL his Global Scams on all 7 Continents of the World. What Mr Wilesmith found out about Exenberger’s lies, deceit, people smuggling into Europe was mind-blowing.

Mr Wilesmith eventually “Resigned” from Exenberger’s FAKE Business, as Exenberger NEVER owned the WKF. Mr Wilesmith was NEVER “Fired” (As Exenberger lied about) from Exenberger’s Fake WKF Business to operate the “REAL” WKF in September 2016 as WKF General Secretary, where Mr Wilesmith made the “Official” announcement that he was the “Real” WKF World CEO/President/Chairman Globally.

Europe & Egypt’s FRAUDSTERS Dessouki & Exenberger

Exenberger’s Global Scam Web is very “LARGE”, scamming Millions of dollars every year since 2010 when he was “Kicked Out” of ISKA Sanctioning Body, using all the Fraudsters that have been “Kicked Out” of every Combat Sports Sanctioning Body Worldwide. Then with further investigations, Exenberger’s “People Smuggling” and “Pedophile Ring” that he runs throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa, under his “Right Hand Man” there Mr Mohamed Dessouki (Egypt), Mr Abdul Razak (Ghana), Puro Okello (South Sudan), Patrick Luyooza and Patricia Apolot (Uganda), Mr Younes Bouzeine and Omar Chebali (Morocco).

Then through Latin America working with People Smugglers and Pedophiles Carlos Surarez (Argentina), Hans Romanovski and Wagner Stivi (Brasil), Carlos Alberto Duran Walls (Ecuador). Asia with Dinan Yan (China), Mohummad Ashfaq (Pakistan), Amir Mosadegh (Iran), Hasam Majeed (Iraq), Yogesh Shad (India), Lubiana Ahmed (Bangladesh), just to name a few.

In Europe, there is Istvan Rozman (Hungary), Cristos Nicholaou (Cyprus) and MANY MORE!

Then, the “Worst of the Worst” Stanley Nandex (Papua New Guinea) who is a “Known” Child Molester in PNG and Rushtam Attai (Australia – A Refugee of Afghanistan). The “EXENBERGER FRAUDSTER WEB” is very big, and its a huge task to bring these people before the Courts and Police to have them Arrested for committing Fraud.

In a “WORLD FIRST”, the WKF (World Kickboxing Federation) Head Office is introducing a “NEW” Combat Ring Sport that will capture the World, attracting ALL the very best in COMBAT SPORTS. Its called WKF EXTREME COMBAT SPORTS (WKFECS)! This Ring Combat Sport will attract ALL the various Fighters from ALL Combat Martial Arts and Boxing. This “New” Sport has been introduced and submitted by WKF World CEO Mr Robert Wilesmith (WKF World Head Office) on 1st February 2018. This is “HISTORY” in the making.

But let’s look at the history of Mr Fritz Exenberger, his criminal “Money Scamming Past” when he was formally the ISKA European Director. He worked with the operations of the ISKA for many years, but behind the scenes he was planning to scam monies from people around the World as only Mr Exenberger knows best. ISKA is one of many organizations that he swindled, that populated the world of Martial Arts, and Kickboxing in particular. Its history goes back many years and it is run by quality people (Mr Mike Sawyer is a lawyer) who are competent (33 years of experience). In the past they were much more active than today in the professional side of kickboxing, in particular during the time when in Europe the organization was represented by Switzerland’s Mr Olivier Muller, who knew what he was doing. Unfortunately, after ISKA had seemed to disappear from the scene in Europe, Austria’s Fritz Exenberger, the subject of much gossip, tried to bring it back to life, but with very little success from what we can see. Shortly after discrediting the ISKA name, Mr Exenberger was formally “Kicked Out”.

Mr Paul Hennessy ISKA Europe Director in UK

PRESS RELEASE “Statement” from ISKA World Director Mr Paul Henessey – United Kingdom!

ISKA Europe does not support Mr Fritz Exenberger, or his “Make-Believe Austria Federation” he’s trying to steal from WKF President Mr Talal Takkoush in the UK. In order to protect our sport’s fine athletes we need to respond to the ridiculous claims made by former ISKA member Mr Fritz Exenberger, who has released media statements indicating that ISKA Europe supports him and his Events in Austria. Mr Exenberger, who was dismissed from the ISKA in November 2010 for dishonesty, quite simply just makes this stuff up. He is a fake. Below is a letter from ISKA Director Mr Paul Henessey stating:



ISKA Europe does not support any of Mr Exenberger’s “unauthorized” WKF World Championships foremost because Exenberger has no legal right to use the name and logo of the WKF which was legally registered back in 2007 by its founder and former WKF President Mr Talal Takkoush, who subsequently defended his legal right to the WKF name and logo and won his case against Exenberger on 8th February 2012. Exenberger was ordered to pay Mr Takkoush’s legal costs, which to this day, he hasn’t paid a cent.

Exenberger is well known for his “FAKE” Facebook pages and his “FAKE” WKF websites. He has his young School aged kids from his Taekwondo Basement Gym (2 Floors Underground) in Vienna Austria do all the typing on his website. These people are so obviously fake, we are really not sure who he’s trying to fool. It’s seems that Exenberger has become a Walter Mitty “Cartoon” character, believing in his own fantasy world. Written by: Mr Paul Hennessy (President ISKA Europe).


See below Registered Court Documents and details below and Registered Trademark of the WKF World Head Office (Perth, Australia):


Ms LINA ANDRIANA TITO  WKF Indonesia & Australia

Trade Mark Details

Trade Mark : 1747396



Lodgement Date: 20-JAN-2016

Registered From: 20-JAN-2016

Date of Acceptance: 03-APR-2016

Acceptance Advertised: 16-JUN-2016

Registration Advertised: 12-JAN-2017

Entered on Register: 10-JAN-2017

Renewal Due: 20-JAN-2026

Class/es: 25, 41

Status: Registered/Protected

Kind: n/a

Type of Mark: Composite


ACN/ARBN: 601662122


Address for Service: Wrays Lawyers

Level 7, 863 Hay St, Perth WA. 6000. AUSTRALIA.


Europe & Global Fraudster Friedrich “Fritz” Exenberger

Here is the “Official” Court Documents to prove once and for all that European Criminal Fraudsters Fritz Exenberger (Vienna Austria), Dinan Yan (China) or Salvatore Matera (Italy) “DO NOT” own the WKF Trademark Logo or Copyrights for ALL EUROPE.

Both Exenberger and Matera have you believe that they are “Owners” of our WKF Logo and Company, but we can assure you that they don’t even own their own car. They use Taxi’s, rent their house and SCAM the poor and “Uneducated” in Europe to believe their Lies. What they don’t understand is that “International Copyrights Law” cannot be fooled. All you have to do is do “Google Search” WKF – World Kickboxing Federation Trademark Logo on the Internet, and in the European Union, its heavily documented that Exenberger made a “Application” for our WKF Trademark Logo – and he “LOST”!


See ALL the Proof here.













As you can see, both Austria’s Fritz Exenberger, Italy’s Salvatore Matera or China’s Dinan Yan, Argentina’s Carlos Suarez or Brazil’s Wagner Stivi “DO NOT” own the WKF Trademark Logo anywhere in the World. These are Court Legal Documents. These are the FACTS!


Which other Asia Countries wish to join our happy WKF Asia and Middle Eastern Family in 2024? We are waiting for you!!!


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