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(WKF) World Kickboxing Federation, represented by the WKF World Advisory Board Director, issue for Professional & Amateur Martial Arts, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and All Ring Sports of Kickboxing in all styles for the following WKF International Promoter License:








PROMOTIONS COMPANY:________________________________________________________________________


Phone/Mobile: ________________ E-mail:____________________________Website:____________________


1) Each Event/Gala/Show/Tournament must be announced by e-mail (Max) 30 days before and official approved by the WKF World Kickboxing Federation office and the official WKF World Kickboxing Federation “Matchmaker”.  The use of WKF World Kickboxing Federation Logo on poster and documents without approval is forbidden and illegal and will be prosecuted by Law.


This announcement must contain:

  1. Date, begin and venue of the event.
  2. Date, time and venue of the weigh-in and official medical check-up, min. two hours before the first fight.
  3. Kind of event. E.g. National, International, by Title fight with name of fighters, record and last 3 fights.
  4. Name of the local licensed matchmaker for that Event.
  5. Name of the official attending ring Doctor / physician.


2) Any results of that mentioned event must be announced within eight days by mail to the WKF World Kickboxing Federation Head Office to be confirmed and for the official ranking list.


3) PR, TV and any media work must be done in a serious way, particularly for Title fights.


4)  During weigh-in the WKF Sports Book / Sports Pass from each fighter must be checked for correct identity of the fighter, annual valid medical check and for possible Doctor’s order – a suspend because of a knock out. If the doctor “blocks” a fighter for medical reasons on the day of the event is there no fight on that day. No protest against doctor’s / medic’s decision is allowed.

5) For National and International Events without a Title fight, the obligation of Referee and Judges is in the A1 Supervisor’s own discretion. For all Title fights, the WKF World Kickboxing Federation Head Office must be informed before the Events, which Referee/Countries are involved. WKF World Kickboxing Federation decides the right any time for objection and to stipulate 5 Men/Women Neutral referee team.

(WKF) World Kickboxing Federation reserves the right to appoint and send an official certified WKF A1 Supervisor. The cost of such A1 Supervisor has been taken over by the promoter and will include travel, proper hotel and food. The A1 Supervisor has the right to officiate and observe the weigh-in, to see any official documents and score sheets at any time. After consulting the Head Referee of the event, he can cancel the Title fight for legal reasons, or to declare the fight as a “No contest” after 24 hours.


6) The match must be done in a proper way, according our WKF rulebooks, make sure for the fighting record of both fighters, to avoid a mismatch or a obviously overqualified fighter facing a newcomer.

  • Newcomer (N/C class) and good experienced amateurs (B class) cannot fight professional fighters.
  • Only A-class fighter can fight against other A-class fighter. If a B-class fighter just signs a contract for an A-class fight is no more amateur fighter B-class.

7) All fees for WKF International Title fights has to be transferred “No later” than 30 days before the scheduled Event to WKF World Head Office by way of “Western Union Transfer” or Bank Transfer. All fees and outstanding amounts must be paid in U.S. currency, except of charges. Please ask in the office for method of payment details, actual fees, etc.


8) This licence is valid during the 12 month calendar year, from 1st January to 31st December of the calendar year, beginning with the day of payment. In cause of violation of one or more paragraphs, this licence can be declared as invalid.


9) Purses of all fighters must be prepared before the first fight starts of the event. All WKF Officials have to wear a Red Tie, and all WKF Referees Officials dress code: black business shirt and Bow Tie, or black polo shirt with big WKF logo on the back and small in front heart side, and – ALL Officials must be paid before the Event commences (Not Negotiable).


10) Weigh-in for Title fights must to be done compulsory just on calibrated scales, both the A1 Supervisor, Coaches/Trainers and Fighters must be present. The official ring Doctor/Medic must be present and check-up all fighters. The ring must have (4) ropes, AIBA norm is compulsory (5 ropes for MMA fights). This licence must be prepared in copy during the event. With my signature I accept all paragraphs and conditions listed here in this form.


11) The Fee for the yearly Promoter’s Licence “per calendar year” is $50.00USD, to be paid before issue of a WKF International Promoter’s License, and permission to promote a WKF Event/Promotion both Amateur or Professional Kickboxing, MMA, All Forms Martial Arts Events. NOTE: This is Compulsary!


I agree to all the above:


Signature of Promoter:                                                           





Date of issue and place:_____________________________________________  

(WKF) World Kickboxing Federation World Head Office



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