WKF Pakistan President Dr Asad Abbas Shah


DATE: 2nd to 4th December, 2022

WKF Pakistan and the Pakistan Kickboxing Federation Office proudly presents an action filled Kickboxing Tournament, held over 3 days with plenty of Fight entertainment. “New” WKF Pakistan President Dr. Asad Abbas Shah and WKF Pakistan Promoter and Pakistan Kickboxing Federation Chairman Mr Zahid Mahmood are both very excited to bring WKF Kickboxing “Fight Action” to the beautiful City of Lahore in Pakistan.

Dr Shah (Pictured Right), and Mr Mahmood come with many years of experience in promoting some of the biggest Kickboxing Events Pakistan has ever seen. With hundreds of Fighters from all over Pakistan ready to attend this prestigious Event to fight for WKF Pakistan National Titles in all Weight Divisions, the whole World will be watching, as the Pakistan National Team will be invited to compete at the WKF World Titles Event in the beautiful African City of Kigali, Rwanda.

WKF Pakistan National Kickboxing Title Belt

The WKF National Title Belt is a prestigious belt to earn, not easy to get, as the very best of ALL Pakistan strive to do whatever it takes to win the WKF Title Belt. In the past, there has “Never” been a WKF (World Kickboxing Federation Pakistan) National Champion before. But history is about to happen, with the PAKISTAN KICKBOXING FEDERATION registering and joining the WKF in November 2022. This is great news for all Pakistani fighters. This WKF Event will showcase the very “BEST” Kickboxers in all Pakistan. This also gives these fighters the chance to fight and compete on a WKF World Title Event in Rwanda Africa. No Pakistan Fighter has ever fought in Africa before, so this is “History in the making”! The whole world will be watching, and where it all starts is with this upcoming WKF Pakistan National Kickboxing Titles Event in Lahore.

Pakistan Criminal Fraudsters Muhammad Ashfaq, Samiuallah Kakar & their Associates!

In the past, there were a couple of Pakistan Criminal Scammers “Pretending” to work for and represent our WKF in Pakistan. Their names are Samiullah Kakar, and (Muhammad Ashfaq – AKA Syed Zabih Agha, AKA Karam Zaffar, AKA Ashfaq Cool). Ashfaq is the “Biggest” Pakistan Fraudster. He has “Many” Facebook Pages, many names to create his Scams. These men have “NEVER” worked for, or ever represented our WKF in Pakistan. We hope that the Pakistan Police arrest and put in Jail these Pakistan Criminals for committing “Fraud”. If you ever see these men, “DO NOT” give them any money. They are “Not” recognized by any Sanctioning Body in the World. They don’t have employment. They live day to day “Scamming” the beautiful people of Pakistan. These people are “NOT” nice people. Do “Not” believe anything these Fraudsters say. They will always be Criminals, & there’s a Reward for whoever puts these Scammers in Jail.


WKF World CEO/President Mr Robert Wilesmith

WKF Promoter Zahid Mehmood (PKF Chairman)

On behalf of WKF World CEO/President Mr Robert Wilesmith at WKF World Head Office in Perth WA Australia, we want to take this opportunity to say to ALL Pakistan fighters “WELCOME” to the WKF. We wish and hope for great success to the “Official” WKF Pakistan Kickboxing Federation and PKF (Pakistan Kickboxing Federation) Offices.

Thank you Dr Asad Abbas Shah and Mr Zahid Mahmood for all the hard work that you both are doing for ALL Pakistan Fighters in organizing the “1st WKF Pakistan National Kickboxing Titles” in the beautiful City of Lahore (Home of Pakistan Cricket).

We ask that ALL Pakistan Fighters start getting ready, prepared to fight for National Glory from 2nd – 4th December, 2022. We also hope that the Pakistan Government fully supports both Dr. Shah and Mr Mahmood in helping make this great WKF Event a National success.

WKF World CEO/President Mr Robert Wilesmith and WKF Rwanda President Mr Sosthene Bendera.


ALL WINNERS will be invited to compete at the WKF Pro & Amateur World Titles Kickboxing and MMA Event in KIGALI, RWANDA (AFRICA) promoted by Rwanda Combat Sports Federation President Mr Bendera Sosthene (Minister Sports & Culture), as part of the WKF Pakistan National Kickboxing Team in early 2023.
Greetings to all. Good Luck!

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