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RE: WKF (World Kickboxing Federation), MMA, Boxing, Combat Sports and Martial Arts Events in Papua New Guinea (PNG).

On behalf of the WKF World Head Office in Perth, Australia, “BE IT KNOWN” that the PNGKBA, which is run by “Unregistered” Criminal people STANLEY NANDEX, EDDIE KAVINA, RICKSON YAMO, LEE GARAP, MARIS TERRY, JAMUNGA STONE, MAX NAPE, KAUPA PAUL BAULE, NELSON SAMSON and KAUPA OMENA in the Citys of Goroka, Hela and Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, are “NOT” associated or part of the Union or International Company, Trademark or Business entity of the WKF (World Kickboxing Federation) in any way, shape or form. They are all “BANNED FOR LIFE” from global WKF, ISKA, WMC, IKF, WKA.

Stanley Nandex – PNG Fraudster

Back in early 2013, Mr Nandex of the PNGKBA (Who was “Kicked Out” of the WKA by WKA Head Office Member Mr John Green), was put in charge “Illegally” of the WKF in Papua New Guinea, working with Mr Kavina. It seemed to be going well, until both Nandex and Kavina promoted a WKF show in Port Moresby, PNG on 1st June 2013 (Inviting International Guests from Austria and Australia) as “Guest Officials”, as well as Professional Fighters from Indonesia, Finland and Australian to this promotion. All was well, until Indonesian Pro Fighter Alfa Tubagus (Indonesia) suffered a broken arm in his WKF Intercontinental Title K1 Kickboxing fight. It was an “Illegal Kick” that caused the broken arm, as Tubagus slipped in the ring, and his opponent Kaupa Omena (PNG) continued to kick Tubagus while he was down. Mr Gerard Dittrich (Austria) was the referee, and he said that he didn’t see the kick. The bell went, and it was the end of the round, but fighter Tubagus could not continue with the broken arm. So, Omena was granted the Title in the Ring. A “Protest” was made by Mr Tubagus, and Kaupa Omena was later “Stripped” of the Title the following week.

Alfa Tubagus (Indonesia)

The most disturbing thing was that there was “No” Doctor organized by PNG Promoters Nandex or Kavina ringside to assist Indonesian fighter Mr Tubagus with his broken arm, putting Fighters lives in danger. Furthermore, when the Show finished, ALL the International Officials, the Australian and Indonesian Teams were left at the Sir John Guise Stadium Venue with no transport organized by the Promoter Mr Stanley Nandex and Mr Eddie Kavina. The worst thing was, that ALL the International guests had to get a “Random Stranger” to transport all of us back to the Hotel, in the back of a “Truck”. The PNG Promoters Nandex and Kavina simply “Disappeared” back to their houses like Cowards. Back at The Lamana Hotel, the Hotel Staff gave Indonesian fighter Alfa Tubagus some headache tablets for the pain, as there was no medical Doctors working late in the evening. The following morning, all the International Teams and Officials (Including injured Indonesian fighter Tubagus) had to check out and go to the Airport to catch flights back to their countries. Still, no Nandex or Kavina. Again, we all had to get “Strangers” to transport us to the Airport, otherwise everyone would be stranded in Port Moresby PNG. Tubagus travelled back to Jakarta Indonesia with a broken arm, and due to the poor fight purse that was paid to Tubagus, he could not afford an operation or proper medical attention for his broken arm. Because of these actions of Nandex, Kavina and their negligence, a “Life Ban” was imposed on the both of them, and their “Fake” Company PNGKBA. We did a TV interview with EMTV in Port Moresby, telling the PNG people about the BAD money scamming Nandex and Kavina is doing in PNG to all the local Kickboxers. To this day, Nandex and Kavina “NEVER” apologized to Indonesia fighter Tubagus, or the WKF World Head Office Executives. Instead, we at Head Office gets rude emails from Nandex saying he is “King of the Jungle” in all PNG. What a stupid man?


On behalf of the WKF World Head Office, BE IT KNOWN that as of 1.00pm 1st March 2016 (Perth Australia local time), our WKF World Head Office has “TERMINATED” Mr RICKSON YAMO from his position as WKF PNG President, effective “IMMEDIATELY” due to poor Conduct of becoming a WKF PNG President!

Our WKF World Head Office received evidence and information from the great people of Papua New Guinea regarding Mr Yamo’s dealings with the corrupted PNGKBA, with Mr Stanley Nandex and Mr Eddie Kavina behind closed doors. We are very disappointed that Mr Yamo and Mr Marris Terry has elected to work with “Money Scammers” PNGKBA (Which is NOT recognized anywhere in the world) behind closed doors, but the doors are OPEN now, for the world to see. The PNGKBA, which is run illegally by Mr Stanley Nandex, Mr Eddie Kavina and Mr Kaupa Omena in the City of Goroka, Papua New Guinea, is “NOT” associated or part of the Union or International Company, Trademark or Business entity of the WKF (World Kickboxing Federation) in any way, shape or form. They are all “BANNED FOR LIFE” from all WKF Duties.

Back when the PNG Elections were on earlier in 2017, Mr Yamo tried to messaged WKF World CEO/President Mr Robert Wilesmith at WKF World Head Office, asking for money to fund his Election Campaign. As our office doesn’t get involved in various country politics around the world, our office stays neutral, not taking sides. But after finding out that our “Refusal” of giving monies to Mr Yamo for his Election Campaign (Which he LOST), he has recently tried to shift all the blame on to our Office for his loss in the PNG Elections.

Mr Yamo hasn’t done “ANY” work for the WKF World Head Office to promote the WKF in PNG, since his last Event back in October 2014, when he fought Jarkko Jussila for the WKF World K1 Title. It’s “MANDATORY” for all our WKF Champion fighters to “DEFEND” their Titles within 18 months of winning their Titles. This was mentioned to Mr Yamo “Many Times”, but was “Ignored”. So, as of 1st March 2016, Mr Yamo was “Notified” in writing that his WKF World Light Welterweight K1 Title would have to defend his Title, or be taken from him, and subsequently the Title become “VACANT”. World No.1 Challenger and the current WKF World Super Lightweight K1 Champion Samir Sakhi “Challenged” Mr Yamo “MANY TIMES”, but he gave his excuses that he had a PNG Election, putting politics “First” before defending his Title. This is no fault of the WKF World Head Office, and we at our office follow the rules and guidelines, not break rules. See WKF Titles rules here:

Nelson Samson (PNG Criminal) He is part of Nandex Group!

A “New” WKF Champion will have the option of defending the Title within the first six (6) months of their reign. After six (6) months a Title defence will be mandatory, if there is more the one qualified challenger the Champion may choose which challenger he will defend against. A “Champion” must respond to a challenge within seven (7) days of receiving it. If a Champion had not made a defense for more than twelve (12) months they will be declared inactive, they would have no choice but to defend against the first qualified challenger, confirmed by the WKF World Head Office. If a Champion had not made a “Defence” for more than Eighteen (18) months and declared inactive, the WKF World Head Office can declare the Title vacant without giving notice. The WKF World Head Office has the final decision on whether a challenger is qualified. Yamo was “Stripped” of his WKF World Title due to not defending his Title.

The WKF does “Not” recognize Stanley Nandex, Eddie Kavina, Jamunga Stone, Rickson Yamo, Lee Garap, Maris Terry, Kaupa Paul Baule, Nelson Samson and Kaupa Omena or their “Fake” PNGKBA business, and they are “Not” part of our WKF PNG or “Any” WKF throughout the world. One thing for sure Mr Stanley Nandex and Mr Eddie Kavina (Goroka, PNG) are “Famous” for, is that they are “Well Known” by all the PNG fighters and trainers for taking all their money for fees that they were “Not” entitled to, as they falsely represent the WKF and WKA entities.

Finally, one thing Mr Nandex “Does” own is the World Record for being “KNOCKED OUT” in the 1st Round in 1.8secs against Australian Champion Ian Jacobs. WOW! Click on & watch the “YOUTUBE” for the “FASTEST KNOCKOUT World Record” K/O here at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EmOLO2fQqxw.

are all “BANNED FOR LIFE” from the WKF and WKA. Nandex, Samson and Kavina already have shown to be “BIGOTS” and “RACIST” to all white people, with their nasty emails and messages to our WKF World Head Office. Totally uncalled for, childish behavior.

For ALL future applications for WKF PNG Events and Seminars, please contact our WKF World Head Office at: admin@wkf.org.au























  • Mr Maxton Lim (WKF PNG LAE Province)
  • Mr Bonnie Louis (WKF PNG SIMBU Southern Highlands Province)

Maxton Lim (WKF LAE, PNG)

Bonnie Louis (WKF PNG SIMBU Province)

If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact our WKF World Head Office (Perth Australia) directly on phone:  
+61 451 140 770 or Email: admin@wkf.org.au.

Yours Sincerely,

WKF WORLD HEAD OFFICE (World Board of Directors)
Email: admin@wkf.org.au  
Website: www.wkf.org.au
Phone: +61 45 114 0770.

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