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Welcome one and ALL from around the World to our great WKF – WORLD KICKBOXING FEDERATION LTD Website, where the “REAL” WKF exists, and the “Fake” pretenders “PRETEND”.

The information on this page is Public information of our FULLY REGISTERED WKF Company and Trademark!

Proof for Yearbook of International Organizations?  See WKF Website: www.wkf.org.au  

Our Copyright reference number DM2569: printed on 18 APR 2017

WKF WORLD HEAD OFFICE (WKF World Kickboxing Federation Limited)

WKF World Representative: Mr Robert Wilesmith (WKF CEO – Director)

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 3290, Mandurah East. 6210. WA. Australia.

Phone: +61 45 114 0770.

E-mail: admin@wkf.org.au

Please let us have your WKF Organization’s address:
C/o: P.O. Box 3290, Mandurah East. 6210. WA. Australia.

URL: http://wkf.org.au 

Registered Number: 601 662 122

Oceanian Federation of Kickboxing (OFK). A Continental Federation of World Kickboxing Federation (WKF) (our ref M2560).

What are the aims of your organization? To bring credibility, honesty, integrity to the Kickboxing, MMA and Martial Arts industry around the world, to expose the “FAKE” people in the industry.

Structure General Assembly.

What are the official and/or working languages? Mostly English, but we work and accept ALL languages from around the World.

How many full-time equivalent staff members are there (please specify paid or voluntary)?
We have people working with our WKF World Kickboxing Federation in Countries all around the World, both voluntarily and Non-Profit.

How is your organization financed? What is the annual budget? Varies. Each Country has different budgets to cover their local spending. Also, each Country has different values in their currency.

Please indicate any intergovernmental bodies with which your organization has formal contacts? There are so many we deal with, respect, and accept!

With which International Non-Governmental bodies has your organization have formal contacts? There are so many we deal with, respect, and accept!

Please tell us what kinds of activities your organization has, and in which Countries/Regions?
See our Website: www.wkf.org.au for all information regarding the WKF – World Kickboxing Federation Ltd.

Does your Organization hold International Events (Conferences, Seminars, etc)? Please give details for both past and Future Events? Look at our WKF Events page at: https://www.wkf.org.auevent/

Please indicate Titles and frequency of regular Publications, and Titles and dates of other books? There are so many. Very hard to list them all, as we publish around the World in many Countries in many languages.

Please indicate the Countries in which your Organization has members? A checklist is available on our WKF Website at: www.wkf.org.au

Also, please indicate any International organizational members?
Go to or WKF Website at: www.wkf.org.au

Proof for World International Congress Calendar: WKF Website: www.wkf.org.au/events/  


Is your organization planning any International meetings? If so, we should like to announce them, free of charge, in the International Congress Calendar. Yes. Go to our Events page at: https://www.wkf.org.auevent/

Please indicate any relevant information in your response, or – mention a website where such information may be found, or – post us brochures, programmes or other documents?
See our WKF Website: www.wkf.org.au

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