WKF (World Kickboxing Federation) & MMA “Comes to Cameroon, Africa” – November, 2020!


Saturday 7th November, 2020!


WKF Cameroon President Mr Wilfred Kebenghe

Recently, WKF Africa has grown “Strength” with the announcement of our “Newly” appointed WKF Cameroon President Mr WILFRED KEBENGHE and WKF Cameroon Promoter Mr NKOH DONALD KEYIMEH. Both these men are in the planning for the “First EVER” WKF Pro and Amateur World Title Event, in the beautiful City of Douala, Cameroon on Saturday 7th November, 2020. Both these men have represented Cameroon at the Elite Level in Sports, including competing at the recent Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, Queensland Australia back in 2018 in Power lifting.

Mr KEBENGHE may not be very tall, but he’s one “Strong Package”. He started weightlifting in 2001 in Yaounde Cameroon, competing in two different body weight categories: 69kg and 77kg Weight Divisions. His International achievements include:

2007 – First  “Ever” National Champion of the Cameroon Powerlifting Federation.

– 3rd in Cameroon Powerlifting Championships.

Mr Nkoh Donald KEYIMEH WKF Cameroon Promoter

2009 & 2010 – 1st National Champion (Cameroon Powerlifting Federation Championships).

WKF World K1 Kickboxing Title Belt


WKF Cameroon Promoter Mr Donald Keyimeh at 2018 Commonwealth Games Gold Coast, QLD Australia

As for WKF Cameroon Promoter Mr KEYIMEH, was inspired by his elderly Mentor/Brother-In-Arms Mr KEBENGHE, to get involved in Cameroon Weightlifting Federation, teaching the will and endeavor to be a International Champion, just like Wilfred. With God’s Grace, he was able to accomplish “Huge” National and International Powerlifting Titles. See below:

2016 – 1st in all Categories National Champion of Cameroon Weightlifting Federation.

WKF Cameroon Promoter Mr Donald Keyimeh – WINNER!

2016 – Competed for Cameroon National Team at Olympic Games.
2017 – 5th at the Islamic Games in Azerbaijan
2017 – Competed at World Powerlifting Championships in Anaheim, California USA
2018 – 4th at Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, Queensland Australia (Weight Class 83kg)

As for the WKF in Cameroon, Mr Kebenghe wants to work harder than ever before to assist the “Best” Cameroon Fighters to fight for a higher level Internationally, to promote WKF Cameroon and all Africa to the World – to show everyone that Africa has the “Best” Fighters. In 3 months time on Saturday 7th November 2020, the World will have the opportunity to witness the powerful fighters Cameroon and ALL Africa have. WKF Cameroon Promoter Mr Donald Keyimeh and Mr Wilfred Kebenghe will make sure not to disappoint all Fight Fans in attendance. The Roof of the Fight Venue will fly into the air when this WKF World Title Promotion happens, and nobody will leave disappointed.

WKF International Title Belts


CAMEROON – Saturday 7th November 2020!

BIG WKF WORLD TITLE Fight Action coming to Africa, with the first WKF World Title Event after Covid-19, happening on Saturday 7th November 2020 in the beautiful City of Yaounde, Cameroon.

There will be “5” WKF World Titles. That is “3” x WKF PRO World Titles and “2” WKF AMATEUR World Titles fought on “ONE BIG EVENT”. WKF Cameroon President Mr WILFRED KEBENGHE and WKF Cameroon Promoter Mr DONALD KEYIMEH are inviting the World to Douala Cameroon, to fight Cameroon’s “Best” fighters for the “Biggest” prize – to be the WKF WORLD CHAMPION in their Weight Class Division. During the week, there is also a number of WKF Certified Diploma Course Events taking place, for ALL who attend take part and complete their Qualifications with the WKF. The Courses are:

SUNDAY 1ST NOVEMBER – Arrive in Cameroon (WKF Welcome to Cameroon. WKF AFRICA CONGRESS).
MONDAY / TUESDAY 2nd & 3rd NOVEMBER – Two Day WKF Trainer/Fighter Advanced Diploma Course.
WEDNESDAY / THURSDAY 4th & 5th NOVEMBER – Two Day WKF Referee & Judges Diploma Course.
FRIDAY 6th NOVEMBER – “OFFICIAL” WKF World Title Weigh-Ins” for ALL Fighters.
SATURDAY 7th NOVEMBER – WKF PRO and AMATEUR World Title Event (Douala, Cameroon).
SUNDAY 8th NOVEMBER – Sight Seeing for ALL WKF International Teams & “Farewell Lunch” in Cameroon.
MONDAY 9th NOVEMBER – ALL International Teams Depart Cameroon.

For ALL Details, Bookings, Matchmaking, Visa entry and Travel to Douala Cameroon, please Contact:

WKF Cameroon President Mr Wilfred Kebenghe: +237 9603 3853.

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